Monster Hunter: World — First estimates of the PC version of the game

Before the official release of the PC version of action / RPG Monster Hunter: World, there is only a little more than one day left, so many users are already looking forward to the opportunity to go on a dangerous journey and hunt for giant creatures. In the meantime, gaming journalists have already begun to set their ratings, which, by the way, are quite high. So, on the Metacritic portal, the game was able to score 89 points:

  • Trusted Reviews -100/100
  • IGN — 95/100
  • Game Informer -93/100
  • Digitally Downloaded — 90/100
  • PCGamesN — 90/100
  • PC Gamer — 86/100
  • GameSpot — 80/100

In general, critics well received Monster Hunter: World, although some portals had concerns about project performance.

Another interesting feature of the upcoming PC-novelty from the company Capcom may be the support of user modifications, which became known recently. However, there were no official statements from the developers, so we can find out about the availability of this function only after the release of the game.

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