Monster Hunter World — details collabo with the universe and FF14 summer event

At the beginning let’s see what brought with it a new summer event, which has already hit the official servers, and will last until July 26, as in last year all hunters have something to do to earn unique rewards. 

As with all events confined to a specific real-time year, all database developers decorated in a summer theme, and the main attraction became a huge ice sculpture of a dragon’s head, which is still carefully created by the local cats.

In addition to all this, of course, all NPC now dressed in a light, colorful clothes, and your hand-pigs on the basis of a new suit, it is blue polka-dot dress and a small hat with flower.

Also to July 26 in a special section of assignments you will find a huge list of contracts on the hunt, which an award given to the various items of equipment from previous events and collaboration.

However, among all of the above of course apart is the ability to get a new suit that will only require you to collect a special currency by simple tasks.


A new suit is a set of diver in the interpretation of Japanese developers, although some of it still resembles the costume is very strange superhero (although everyone has different tastes).

So to create this costume you’ll need to collect five unique tickets to create five pieces of armor for each daily entry you will receive one of these tickets.

At NPC, which manages the logistics center can obtain a certain number of these tickets by completing special limited edition (limited time) simple task.

In General, all event equipment, this armor is mainly can serve as more of a decoration than a gear for the serious battles to get her as a “layer” for your reservation at the NPC, about which I wrote above, you need to perform a special assignment.

To do this you have to give her all again five tickets and then you will get your “layer diver”, I remind you that you can apply it in the special menu by going in a private room (tent) of the character.

The stats and requirements for crafting the following in the picture, there is also all the other information.


And finally we come to the very interesting update with a new deadly Behemoth monster, and other references to the universe of Final Fantasy 14 will be set already on the second of August, seven days before the release of the PC version.

Unlike most other collaboration with various game universes, along with the new Behemoth in the game will come unique mechanics of his murder, and he will be permanently installed in the game so you can kill him at any time.

As it became known during the Japanese stream with developers quest to kill the new monster can be taken from grade 16 and above, the fight itself will be quite complicated and you will need to bring your best gear.

Most likely, after it is introduced, there are craftsmen who can kill the boss in the group 1+, but the developers recommend to go for it all the staff because of the special way to kill him.

So the boss monster is the canonical universe of FF in relation to the character he is very large, the process of his killing, speaking roughly, is a typical rotation in MMO projects.

The fact that any player that will attack him in the head, will gradually fill their aggression, after a certain number of beats from the boss to the player will run a red light, and the second one in this case would be the tank (in the picture below it is shown).

Now the boss will only attack the player that it is associated with beam paying attention to the others, this mechanic will allow your group to safely inflict damage on the boss to activate the following mechanics.

Gradually, the boss will begin to summon small meteors that fall at random players, dealing damage in a small radius around itself, and then to remain in place, the task of the tank to take the boss from them, that he accidentally struck him on the damage (otherwise, it will be bad).

At some point the boss will stop and will start to summon a huge meteorite, which will fall to the ground, causing great damage, it is impossible to Dodge or survive it.

As you know, that’s what small meteorites (stones), all players once only saw that the boss starts to cast, run and hide behind the rock.

If successful, you will not get damage as it will absorb the stone eventually broke, repeat the process until complete victory.


The main reward for this boss fight will be unique armor of the Dragoon class from the universe of Final Fantasy 14 and you will be able to get a new insectoid spear.

With armor and all so clear, but the spear is a common weapon of the Dragoons, except that you will have on hand a characteristic bug on mechanics can run at opponents.

The fact is that, as in the case of collabos Devil May Cry, this is the beetle is replaced by the blue spirit, and in your hand is just going to be a beautiful blue ring in the form of a bracelet.

In General, as in the case of DMC, such events change the look of weapon is the most interesting to most players, and the campaign Japanese developers finally realized it.

So in conclusion I can only say that, in addition, in various locations would be typical cacti from FF that deals damage around him, Bouncing and scattering of the needle and the chip is going to steal one of the local monsters, slightly increasing its size because of magic.


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