Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 2 will protect Denuvo

The company Capcom has prepared to release two titles — Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 2. The first will be on PC on 9 August and the second on 25 January 2019. Both games in the PC-version will get protection from pirates Denuvo. 

This information users can find on the pages of both projects on Steam. In addition, it found out that the purchase of the project will allow it to run for no more than five different devices per day.

Protection Denuvo has already sparked a fierce debate in the community and long does not justify its purpose. In addition, because of Denuvo have problems with productivity, although the developers have not commented on it. As a rule, Denuvo removed immediately after the break, however, the same Resident Evil 7 it still exists, despite the fact that the protection project was broken already on the fifth day after release.

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