MHW — Capcom working on connectivity issue

While some Monster Hunter World players on PCs are successfully exterminating populations of dangerous creatures, others continue to struggle with problems associated with connecting to game servers. Quite often, hunters are simply thrown out of the game during battles with bosses and no one is protected from it — the Steam forums are full of messages about the problem, and complaints about it are much more frequent than on optimization.

Players have long been trying to find a way to solve a problem by inventing various “crutches”, for example, by directing Monster Hunter World to specific ports of their routers or adding -udp to the game launch settings, which sometimes helps.

Now, Capcom turned to the players on the Steam forums noting that they know about the problem and are actively working on solving it.

«We received a huge number of reports that players are having problems with connection errors after sending to tasks. At the moment we are studying problems and working with Valve to correct the situation as soon as possible,» said Capcom. “We’ll keep you abreast of developments. We want to thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience caused by this problem.”

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