Lost Ark will come to Russia and the CIS by Mail.Ru

Lost ark — an action-RPG with an isometric camera that connects the gameplay of classic “diabloids” with MMO elements. The game is developed by the company. Smilegate. In Russia and the CIS countries, it will come out thanks to the efforts Mail.Ru.

AT Lost ark players will become a defender of the Ark and save the world from the demons and their powerful sovereign. The gameplay offers a study of a huge map, adventures on land, sea and uncharted islands, non-standard dungeons, world bosses, fights with other gamers, trials, mini-games and much more.

At the time of launch of the Russian version in Lost ark there will be four classes with three specializations. In addition, players can buy their own island and build it up, or even stick to peaceful professions: for example, to become a collector, a miner, a hunter, a fisherman, or even an archaeologist.

Closed testing Lost ark for Russia and the CIS is scheduled for 2019. To be guaranteed to get there, you must purchase early access kits. Together with each set there is a scattering of game bonuses.

And if you take the Pioneer Kit before December 31, 2018, then in addition to the pass to the beta, you will also receive a pass to the alpha.

In honor of the launch Lost ark in Russia and the CIS Mail.Ru will play three unique handmade figurines 30 inches tall. Each figurine is dedicated to a separate character. The special page will show the process of creating figures.

To take part in the draw, it is enough to purchase any set of early access.

Other information about Lost ark look at the official site.

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