Life Is Strange 2: Passage of the first episode

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The material shows the location of all collectible items, important elections and the means of obtaining the achievements.

The first episode of the new Life is Strange 2 begins an accident, in connection with which starts the memory, to find out what happened actually. The story of the game revolves around two brothers, Sean and Daniel. After the tragic incident, they are forced to flee from the police. The main goal of the Chapter is to gather the right party items that will make it quite difficult due to the presence of other objects in the house.

First, let’s focus our efforts on finding the right things.

During the introductory video the explosion happens, and the game will continue after this incident.

Collect items for a party

In the first minutes of the game you will see a conversation between Lila and Sean. When they sit on the porch to talk, you will be offered several options to choose from. It does not affect anything, but just the necessary to continue the game.

Important. In the first episode of Life is Strange 2 you can’t affect the development of the plot line or fate of the characters. The only thing that depends on you – the choice is morally correct or incorrect decisions.

Click any answer to continue. Lila will offer a cigarette, which you can take or refuse it. Again, you can choose any option that will allow you to continue the conversation.

If you take a cigarette, the two heroes will take a few hits. After Leela will write on the hand of Sean party list of things, you can make the last selection.

View the new cut-scene and then decide who to give the last cake of the father or a decade younger brother to Daniel. There is a third option, in which Sean decides to eat chocolate.

After going to control Shawn, open your inventory and inspect the items available here. You can read the messages that Sean shared with your friends, and also to study the boy’s journal. The plot is not required, but it is important for a more detailed study of history.

Move to a jar of money next to the front door, take detail that will be needed in the future.

It is time to start preparing for the party. You will need to perform different tasks, and each is marked in the inventory. To get started, go to the kitchen and look in the cupboard where the sweets, biscuits and crisps. Select or cookies, or chips.

Go to the fridge nearby and take either beer or soda.

Hence, move to the basement, not forgetting to turn on the light. In the first room is a rack. Go to it and look on the top shelf of the blanket.

Take it with you, go to the garage and meets his father Sean. He asks that the boy handed him a wrench, lying in the red Cabinet. Up against the red car and look on the right side to find a small Cabinet with many drawers (leaning against the wall). Search, but a wrench will not find.

Will have to study the rest of the garage to eventually find the key on the machine.

Life Is Strange 2:

Need a wardrobe.

Next will be a short dialogue with his father Sean, who asks what the boy was going to spend the money. Answer honestly about drinking and weed, so that will receive from the father another $40. If you try to deceive him, the father will give Sean only twenty. Move upstairs and found objects cast in a backpack hero. Now have a choice – to continue the story or to pursue further study at home.

The story needs to go to Shawn’s room. Before to contact a friend via Skype, go to the chair in the form of a bag and create a pattern to unlock achivku «First touches».

Go to the laptop and type on Skype Lila. A few seconds later you will have to watch through the window. Sean will go to the street, and quarrel with your neighbor. This will be the first important choice in the first episode, which, in fact, has no effect. Perhaps its effects will be visible in the following episodes.

Take any decision you think is correct, and then view the cut-scene.


Sean and Daniel will be near the national Park of mount Rainier, and events will take us two days in advance. Watch the video and follow along until you get to the car. You will now need to make a choice – to steal a candy bar or leave it in the car. Decide for yourself.

In front of the car can detect a box of donations, and it can even crack. Go deep into the forest along the trail and stand next to the toilet. Invite Daniel to go inside, but he will start to act up. Will continue to send a brother to the toilet, or to ignore it and go forward.

The consequences of this choice, but they are not significant enough to loop them.

Follow deep into the forest until the next fork, where you will roll in the right direction. Before to do it, can walk to the left, where the grounds for a picnic. There are several bushes with berries, to satisfy hunger.

However, don’t rush: before they have, be sure to confirm edibility. Sooner or later, Daniel asked Sean to play with him hide and seek. If you decide to do this, you should know that Daniel is hiding behind the tree.

Return to the fork and move in the right direction. The path is linear, so wait for the moment when the older brother helps the younger one to come down from the ledge. There is a reference to the series the Last of Us, so be careful.

Keep going down the paths until you reach the shore. The brethren here will find a suitable place for overnight. You can ask your younger brother to go in search of branches, need for a bonfire or to invite him to stay in camp to guard the base.

If you choose the first option, Daniel wants to compete with Shawn in speed. The task is simple – the winner is the one who will collect firewood. It is not necessary to win Daniel like to collect any of the branches.

In the second case, Daniel will begin to strengthen overnight, using branches, littering the Parking lot. In this scenario, look for dry branches will have for you – just carefully search the shore.

After you have gathered all the necessary branches, then you will be able to spend a little time exploring the surrounding area. To start, move along the shore until you find a small Bush with the inscription «Weird.» Examine it, then select «Take» to get the first collector’s item (the spinner) and unlock new achivku – «Wayward».

Life Is Strange 2:

Need the Bush.

Explore the coast and the interaction with different interactive objects. Here is another place to draw. You can even interact with his younger brother, in bringing together will throw stones into the water or to fight children’s swords.

As soon as you decide it’s time to move on in the story, then follow back to the campsite and build a fire. Start the video and you will be able to look around various objects and to communicate with Daniel.

Bear dressing

The next morning the brothers will be forced to continue their journey. Move along the road until you are in a car refueling. For starters, walk around the building and from the rear end to find the decoration that resembles a pumpkin. Near it there is a box lying on the ground. Inspect the box to release the bird, then pick up detached from her feather (second collector’s item).

This will unlock achivku «Forester». You can continue to study locations. Enter the local toilet and talk to the family at the table.

If you wish, you can explore numerous pamphlets, among which will be another Easter egg referring to the movie «evil dead» under the direction of Sam Raimi.

Life Is Strange 2:

Hidden box with the bird.

When finished the inspection of the outside, then go inside the store and head toward the counter. Direct your eyes to the charms and select the option «Show». Through these actions, the clerk will notice Daniel and give him a souvenir (the third collector’s item – bear-keychain) that unlocks achivku «Caution: bears». From here you can pick up a free map of the local area.

Standing at the counter, look to the left side to near the front door to find the poster, which advertised beer. On the left side of the poster is the window sill. Go to him and take sticker (fourth collector’s item), to open achivku «Bonus miles».

Life Is Strange 2:

The sticker on the window sill.

Then you will need to skimp. This moment will force you to think carefully, because the main character is pretty meager budget. On the other hand, the right things can and do steal. To do this, Sean must ask the younger brother to distract the clerk. In the first episode the choices will have no impact, so at the moment you will have to decide.

Inside the store you can find a game machine with toys. If you want to improve the mood of Daniel, then ask him to play it. Note that to win the game he needed three attempts, so you will have to spend $3.

Inside the store it is a bearded man with glasses, who is at the table and uses the laptop. Until then, until you learn the puppy near the counter, leaving the store at the gas station will not work.

If you bought food instead of stealing it, then proceed to the checkout where you will start interesting events. To pay for all that will require a lot of money, and Shawn is not enough. You have to consider what we should get rid of. As soon as I paid the clerk, then move out and come to the table, which very recently had a family. The brothers will begin to bite, and in parallel to this action will begin to study the map.

You have to find the place, which are at the moment. Mentally divide the map into four equal parts. In the lower left square is possible to detect the image of the «tent».

Right at the top of it there is an icon where you are now.

Life Is Strange 2:

Right place.

After a few seconds, the brethren will come the old man, then we will need to make another important decision. However, regardless of the choice made on the development of events in the first episode it will have no effect. The result of these actions, Sean will be inside a small room, where it will be tied to the pipe. Now we need to get out of here. To escape from the trap, you need to perform several actions in the correct order.

For the ventilation, and double-click the option to «Break». Next you need to rotate the camera 180 degrees and then learn on the computer. Then inspect the cardboard tube to Sean pushed her on the computer.

As a result of these actions the monitor will turn on, which will partially illuminate the room.

Near you is a Billboard. You have to push it, then look up and hit the shelf. Then you will hear the voice of Daniel, which was coming from behind bars.

Turn the camera looking to the right, and then tell your brother to open the window and the back door, and then look at the keys that hang between these two objects. Here is a pipe. Along it need to move to the right, then choose inspection. Next you have to try to tear the subject, and then to ask Daniel tool. After a while you will get from your little brother file.

Taking it repeatedly to move through the pipes to the right. Break the support on the pipe and continue right.

In the end Shawn will push the sofa standing near the wall. Reset the key hanging on the wall, then watch the video. Take another important decision – to steal all the camping gear or to run away from home. As mentioned earlier, for the current episode, this choice has no effect.

Next, review the next a long video, about the plot which we keep silent. From time to time choose arbitrary dialogue options.

Sand castle

You will then be taken to the river Bank. When will again be able to control Sean, take a look at stick bottom and click the option to «Play with the dog.» Throwing the stick as far as possible, you will force the dog to bring another fifth collector’s item (the pendant-tooth), what unlocks achivku «Guiding angel».


View the new video, then you see that the brothers were not far away. On the left side there are stairs. Climb on it and turn to the right.

Go ahead and open the third door on the right hand with the number «10». Inside the room Daniel and Sean Junior to take wants to play the familiar game «rock, scissors, paper». In accordance with the name of the game Daniel is going to choose the same signs, rock, scissors and paper.

When will again be able to control Sean, follow closer to the closet and look inside. The right-hand side is card, the sixth and final collectible item. After taking it, you will unlock achivku «room service».

If at this point have collected everything kollektsionki, then you’ll be rewarded with the achievement of «Loitering».

Life Is Strange 2:

Hid card.

Proceed to the inspection of a hotel room, examining various objects, and when you are ready to follow the plot, then inspect the bed and take a towel, and then go to the bathroom. Apply the towel on a special holder on the right hand, fill the bathtub with water and run it in the foam. Get little brother, and while he will take a bath, Sean decides to get rid of your mobile phone.

You need the smartphone is on a table nearby. Taking it, watch the video in which you will need to make another important choice is the first episode. By the way, it will be the last, but no matter what, this Chapter does not affect. The actions of Shawn way or another will be in the chair and begin to watch a video in the phone.

As soon as you decide to continue the game, select the option to drop it.

Sean will again be in his room, where he found Daniel ended to bathe, and jumping on the bed. Here you can either immediately declare the need for a serious conversation or a little fun with my little brother. In the second case, will need to play a simple mini-game. Anyway, a serious conversation will take place, but if you fooled around, Daniel asks for a soda.

Leave the room and go right to get to the vending machine. After you buy a soda, I’ll have to watch a video summarizing the first episode of Life is Strange 2. This will unlock achievements «a Long way».

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