LEGO DC Super-Villains: Codes

Unlock characters:

QF7NT — Adam strange
9RHJJ — Atrocious
ND6AL — Black Canary
6NWX5 — Dr. light
GWWBS — Dr. Venom
HFMHM — firestorm
KNJ2P — Green Lantern
PLG1z — Harley Quinn
LNSB9 Eagle
8VV5Q Blue beetle
Z6AU7 — King Hours BQWSG — Detective Chimp
KFLQM — Dex-Starr
KPTCC — Doctor faith
S5DB6 — Jessica Cruz
XQP2L — Lady Shiva
Y7MFR — Martian manhunter
GM9MX — Monsieur Mallah
CKDRF — Red tornado
QD2GY — Star Sapphires
F79GU — Terra
YRZMS — Trickster
NURPU — Mr. Mikzyspitlik
E6HUY — Plastic people UVWHS — rose Wilson
JNLPY Red Robin
VB5AS — Toyman
D8577 — General Zod

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