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Let's go straight from the head — the game from the Polish developers based on the Russian catastrophe with death in August two thousand years of the Kursk nuclear submarine was expected to be very, very politicized. It is almost all built on the basis of the odious French movie "Kursk: Submarine in troubled waters", the whole essence of which comes down to the fact that the Russian submarines were torpedoed by South American submarines, but "blame everything Putin". The plot of the game is often direct quotes from there.

But the tasks are KURSK, in fact, completely different …

Muddy Cranberries

The focus here is on spy games and imperial ambitions, and the main character is a Russian-speaking agent of Western intelligence agencies, who leaked onto the long-suffering submarine to get information about the super-secret torpedoes "Squall".

Then he hears on radio how pupils of St. Petersburg schools write stories about “government achievements Putin's”, Seafarers in discussions with him are pleased to argue about how great it would be to“ put the Americans on the spot ”and return the Crimea (yes, they talk in the Northern Fleet in 2000!). On the ship they say in the main thing about booze and girls (well, this is Russian navigators!), They curse "hohlyatskiy vodka from Donetsk" and everyone certainly promises to "put on magarych."

Spies visit us

It is worth starting with a senile plot, which immediately indicates how this “documentary” game. She tells about how a top-secret Russian nuclear submarine going to the largest teachings, the western spy seeps into the quality of a man whom no one had ever seen before. And only on board the cabin mate, who is also the chief of staff, begins to ask test questions: where, they say, served, what was the name of the naval academy in St. Petersburg?

Logically, you see, such questions a stranger needs to ask on the shore, and not on the boat itself.Kursk game reviewFor you, too, terribly? Later, our hero, who seems to be the principal "verifier from Moscow", begins to drive back and forth with instructions in the spirit of "Bring a broken targeting module from a torpedo, take it and insert it back" (repair the module, of course, manually, with a soldering iron, as if the best submarine in Russia did not have new ones to replace), “Shine a flashlight here, twist those three valves to reduce pressure,” and so on.

Plus one long and wretched quest in the worst traditions of “postal RPG. “Do you want access to the computer (what kind of spy doesn’t want it!) — help me congratulate a friend with a birthday, bring a personalized engraved mug”, “Do you want a mug — beat my record in the slot machine”, “Do you want an engraving — help me … Well, you understood. "

Figaro on a U-boat

In fact, there are very few espionage exercises related to illegal penetration into other people's cabins, burglary locks and computers. But all the time, the protagonist for some reason drags some flags, pennants and toy ship models into the pocket — apparently, so that the best Western minds based on this realize the secret of "squall".

Push ({}) During hacks, simple mini-games are activated, but nobody and never (except for one single option) will ever catch us. Moreover, our superspy is so cruel and sure inside, and the submariners are so stupid that he can, splashing in the pool, ask the navigator where he holds the keys, get an answer "in the locker room", immediately get up and go there, To relax, take them, go out later, explore the captain's office and return, having managed to put the keys in place. And no one, of course, does not suspect.

Kursk game reviewWhen there are no characters on the display, the picture is even like. Someone will say that such races and spy exercises are dictated by game conventions and are completely logical in the presented circumstances. But for me personally, this is all — just excuses for a wretched game design that turns the game into a simulator of constant races from point A to point B along the narrow corridors of a submarine.

Yes, and with subloading. In the end, this starts to stir you up as if it were you yourself are on a ship and suffer from seasickness …

Light in muddy water

Add to this weird management, vile optimization and scary character models, equipped with a wood animation 10 years ago. Looking at them is worse than running through the crumbling and glowing compartments of the Kursk in the last 20 minutes of passage, when at least some dynamics, drama and emotions arise.

This last segment with good QTE and a choice of two endings somehow justifies the past torment of the player. When in the ninth compartment they let you personally knock on the hull with a sledgehammer surrounded by the miraculously remaining sailors, whose names are rewritten by the lieutenant commander Dmitry Kolesnikov, something even begins to move in the chest, and a lump comes up to the throat.Kursk game reviewKURSK has a lot of nostalgic arcade games. *** Because of these finishing scenes, I even began to hesitate, so it’s worth scolding KURSK. On the other hand, obviously not everyone will tolerate them.

I will say this: I do not know who is right, who is to blame and what actually happened on August 12, 2000 in the Barents Sea. But I know that such games will hardly help to unearth the truth and honor the memory of the dead. Because almost everything good that was conceived here (and even done in some places!), As a result, got stuck in a frank cranberry and useless realization.

And the notorious “Russian spies” are certainly not to blame for this … But the sailors are really sorry. Eternal memory to them.

Pros: intense and emotional final scenes; convincing reproduction of the interior of the submarine; not bad in general (if not for the character models) picture; atmospheric sound.

Minuses: cranberry; marazmaticheskaya start; primitive gameplay with constant races from point A to point B and back; scary, poorly animated character models; inconvenient management; disgusting optimization.

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