Kingdom Come: Deliverance — The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon: a Review

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Warhorse thoroughly suited to release additions to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance serious schedule, General line, schedule many months in advance… In this wonderful organization affects only what is promised, well painted in the plans and in a press interview Supplement with the sonorous title "Amorous adventures of a brave pan Jan Ptacek" in the end it may turn into another sad story of how the creators Kingdom Come: Deliverance release not really tested, zabagovannuyu game and get in response a hail of putrid tomatoes from the public.

The love of my life!.. The fifth in a month

Even we in the editorial office someone who believes that almost the first Kingdom Come: Deliverance love for a special sense of humor and for the fact that the main character, Henry, is not slushaetsya look funny village fool.

Not everyone agrees, but with a sense of humor Kingdom Come: Deliverance really all right, he is very Slavic, in the spirit "The Witcher" and movies Kusturica. Obviously, therefore, the second DLC dedicated to one of the most colorful and fun characters, Jan Ptacek — The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon we offered to help Jana win the heart of ladies, whom he fell in love with all his strength (otherwise, the pan may not!). And it would be a very banal beginning of the silly stories about the lofty feelings if she hadn't unfolded in the world Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

That is why Jan Ptacek behaves like the hero of the anecdote. First, he lost at cards to a family heirloom, and asks to return it, then demands to get him a love potion (the poor fellow does not know that medieval Bohemia was no smell of magic, and black), but the potion will only exacerbate his situation. Apotheosis — joint with Ian reading the poem under the window of the beloved, painted in incredible tones of rustic but effective humor with easy share erotic and materinky.

Details to disclose will not, we can only say that to help Yan I want to see how this moron can waste all polymers next time. Kingdom Come: Deliverance — The Amorous Adventures of Sir Hans Capon Bold game overviewCaroline is skeptical about the intentions of Ptacek, but it seems possible to convince!

Spell, committed by group of persons

If to close eyes to the utterly idiotic circumstances a new task, the adventure itself looks like a multi-stage test all the possible skills of Henry.

Take a search of the necklace. They will go to hell for kulichiki, where it quickly cools the corpse of the villain, which got the jewel. And where it went from there is not entirely clear. There is a rough sketch of the card on which you can navigate, there are barely visible traces — the story enough different ways of achieving the same goal.

At the entrance to the bandit camp, for example, you can pretend to be another person and pass you can compose something or to try to break the guard, eventually killing all the bandits.

In the camp Kingdom Come and all offers to play by the rules of the immersive sim. Spillikin, it turns out, I'll give a reward to the one who will win the tournament in the bone. Henry is free to produce a search as you like: honest or not win the tournament, watch the winner, to bribe, to cheat or to give the face, and maybe find a secret hole to steal the necklace, like a real hunter.

And at other stages of the hero will be tested. Searches of the same potions can be completed quite differently. How to present the sweetheart necklace of Ptacek — also there is a difference.

And Serenade, which Ian will sing the lady is a special operation, part of which will spiel the father of the girl, to win the pan a little time.

It's a sort of small RPG within an RPG, just not dedicated to high goals and to ohmureniya individual virgins. The result, I mean the ending of the story consists of past actions. Kingdom Come: Deliverance — The Amorous Adventures of Sir Hans Capon Bold game overviewI'm afraid to imagine what kind of wood would be mangled Yang without the help of the main character!

Love is a deceptive country

The problem is that all of the above fit into two and a half more or less extensive quest for 3-4 hours pass, after which you will not even know that it's amorous adventures have ended, — it seemed, all only begins. And talk about the nonlinearity in the end turns out to be more than the actual consequences. the Visible part of the time you will take to the craps game and search for the answer to the question, how, exactly, to begin the quest.

Of course, much depends on the character level and your desire to try different solutions to the same problem (or in this case, reading of the same poem). And all this, by and large, only to the end of the ten minutes to pogogotat over poetic "talents" of our heroes…

The charlatans?

Yes, I know that in addition initially still embedded quest Quack — and this task seem even more interesting than the love story of Jan Ptacek. The only problem is that immediately after the release of the DLC quest from the Charlatan simply did not work. And only eight days later after the release of the additives the authors have released a puffy patch to fix the situation. All this time they were pelted with angry reviews on Steam.Kingdom Come: Deliverance — The Amorous Adventures of Sir Hans Capon Bold game overviewFor access to the tournament will have to overcome the introductory quest to weed out everyone who is holding the sword wrong.About the same happened with the "Tournament", a free added to the game along with DLC.

This knight of the battlefield many were waiting for a long time. It really allows you to test their "skill", so to speak, in the laboratory. You need to fight with different opponents and the equipment for these duels is provided by the stewards of the competition. And a very cunning way: the first time the weapons you choose, your opponent, and the third decides for everyone the master of the arena, the local Prince.

Thus, skillful only one form of weapons does not help you, as well as the expensive armor protection all the same.

But, unfortunately, there has not been without bugs. Initially many simply was not possible to simultaneously run the tournament, and love the branch quests. The situation was corrected again only in the latest patch.

How long?

There can, of course, to write that, they say, thank God, everything is being resolved, errors corrected, and here, look, what a wonderful addition we have received. But really I want to say about something else entirely, as is already painful. In some amazing way of the Czechs Warhorse manage with each new addition stepping on the same rake, not reducing, but rather increasing the number of bugs.

"Amorous adventures", even if we leave out the story of the Quack, was also accompanied by more or less serious technical flaws — crooked descriptions downed scripts and strange AI behavior, which can in any wrong (as it seems) the movement in the direction of simply bring down the entire logic of the job and fill it.

And the situation when the authors of the officially — Yes, they say, was a bug, because of which half of the story in the Supplement is not working, you wait eight days, we will release patch eleven GB, and all will be well, and all in my memory is unique, somewhere beyond good and evil. Well, what prevented all the normal test and just release DLC in which all quests are promised at least normal run (about more we really don't ask!)? Why you not learned anything from the experience of the release of the original, which also suffered from numerous technical flaws?!

All this is true our Slavic carelessness reminiscent of another hangover joke Jan Ptacek, only this time very very bad…Kingdom Come: Deliverance — The Amorous Adventures of Sir Hans Capon Bold game overviewPlaying the first time without losses is difficult even well pumped character.***Whatever it was, whatever patches are now released to developers, the whole story, of course, reflected badly on their reputation. And if the next major addition called Band of Bastards they will not lick to a perfect Shine, I'm afraid that to clear the reputation of the Czechs can only with great difficulty.

Pros: new quests have loads of humor and funny situations; a tense and exciting tournament craps.

Disadvantages: the addition originally was full of bugs, because of which half of the content was simply not available.

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