Kingdom Come: Deliverance — From the Ashes: Pribyslawitz Restoration Guide

The first thing you need to do is to go to Talmberg and chat with Mr. Divisch, who will tell Indro about the desire to restore the city of Pribyslavitsa. But first you have to find Marius and help him deal with the gangsters. After that, Divisch will ask you to become the rihtarzh of this settlement.



First interact with the town hall and put the money in the chest. Throw in as many pennies as you can. It will be perfect if you have at least 5000.

Subsequently, you will need the money at every step — from building a building to paying daily taxes.

If you can develop so as to make a daily profit, you can rewind time and gradually replenish the treasury.


As soon as there is money in the chest, you can use the book to start construction. When you open this book on the left page you will see a list of all income and expenses. Some buildings will require daily investment, others — to make a profit.

For example, in the screenshot below you can see that the tavern brings in 1170 pennies daily, while the church “takes away” 300. In total, the daily profit is approximately 1600 pennies.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

The book of expenses and income.

Profit is credited daily at approximately 4-5 am. Be careful, because initially the ratio of income and expenses will be less than 1, so you have to make sure that the chest has the right amount of pennies. Otherwise, the reputation will begin to decline, which, in the end, Pan Divis will become enraged.

If you lose too many reputation points, then lose your title, village and fail the main task in the framework of this DLC.

On the right page of the book you can see the total supply of pennies in the chest, the reputation among the people of Pribyslawice, the goal you need to achieve to restore the city, as well as the required amount of resources.


For each building there is a separate page with detailed information that you should carefully study. For example, the screenshot below shows a fully improved Town Hall (City Hall). As seen on the left page, this building requires a daily investment of 365 pennies.

On the right page is a brief description of the construction and upgrades that can be done in it.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

Page of the town hall.

The following screenshot below shows the forge. One of the improvements could not be bought. Be careful, because in many buildings you have to choose a branch of development.

For example, for the forge, you will have to decide what to unlock — the tools of the swordtail or the armor.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

Forge page.

A similar situation for a number of other buildings. You will have to choose between the guard house and the stable. In the latter case, it will be possible to purchase unique horses!

However, you decide for yourself which option will be best.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

The choice of the guard house excludes the construction of a stable.

Some buildings give bonuses to each other, allowing you to earn extra income or benefits. For example, horseshoes for the stable can be made at the forge.


So, at the moment in your chest there is a small stock of pennies that will allow you to start developing. Below I will share recommendations on the quick money farming and development of the city. Since I had over 60,000 pennies after the storyline campaign of the original game, everything was much simpler than you might have.

If you still go through the main story, then I recommend saving as much money as possible.

Step one

The first thing to build is a lumberjack camp, which will cost 2,500 pennies. When you confirm his construction through the book, Marius asks Indro to follow him to the construction site. After a few days, the action will be completed, and you can take advantage of the constructed building.

Similar mechanics in the construction of all other buildings.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

Lumberjack camp

Having done this, your expenses will decrease to 275 pennies per day, so there should be a reserve of money in the chest for the payment of daily taxes.

Road and bridge

After that, you can build a road and a bridge, which will require about 4,000 pennies. Thanks to this approach, daily spending will increase by 20 groszy.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

Road and bridge.

Very important

Now you can add to the city the most important element — a merchant’s house, which will make a profit. You can also complete the “Supply” side quest and request the necessary resources.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

Merchant’s house.

In order to add a merchant’s house in Pribyslavitsa, you have to pay 4000 pennies. Income will increase by 50, but even in this case, you will need a supply of money in the chest of the town hall.


Resources are materials needed for the construction of numerous buildings. There are a total of four types of resources available for production — stone, coal, grain and livestock. Each of them will be required for certain buildings.

As stated above, before you can receive them, you will need a merchant’s house.

To get these or other resources from different cities, you have to pay pennies. About 5,000 will be enough for a start.

We list where to look for resources and how many pennies for them will have to pay:

— Livestock — butcher from Ledechko, 30 groszy.

— The stone is a mason from Talmberg, 2000 pennies.

— Coal — Ginger’s coal miners, 180 groszy.

— Grain — rihtarzh Uzice, 160 pennies.

Look for the miners down from Talmberg and up from the inn in the meadow.

Passage of the DLC From The Ashes

The location of coal miners.


Finally, you can build whatever you want. It is best to start with certain buildings that will provide daily income, allowing you to get rid of negative income.

The best buildings for construction:

— Tavern (daily brings 1270 groszy): for 8000 groszy the tavern will allow you to receive 500 units of profit. Upgrade to 3000 to earn 1000. In addition, profits can be increased for a butcher (+70), a bakery (+50) and a guardroom (+150).

In total, it turns out 1270.

— Forge (daily brings 750 + 35 groszy): you will have to spend 8000 groszy to get 500 each day. Make an upgrade for 2000 to increase your profit by another 250 groszy and bring it to 750 in total. In addition, you will receive daily an additional 35 pennies if the city has a stable or guard house.

— Bakery (daily brings 415 + 50 groszy): for 4200 groszy and 500 for upgrading the bakery will allow you to earn about 415 groszy (with all the updates). In addition, if you have an inn, the income will increase by 50 pennies per day.

— Butcher’s shop (daily brings 390 + 70 groszy): spend 4200 + 500 groszy on the smokehouse to earn 390 in total. Another 70 will be available daily if there is a tavern.

— Stable (daily brings 245 + 120 groszy): the construction will take 5000 + 2000 groszy for the upgrade, which will allow you to earn 210 daily. If you have a forge, then you will receive an additional 35 groszy. In addition, the other 120 will be credited if there is a merchant’s house in the city.

In total, we have 365 groszy.

— Guard house (daily brings 195 + 150 groszy): spend 5000 + 1000 groszy on building to get 160 daily. If there is a forge, then the income will increase by 35, the tavern by 150.

— Merchant’s house (brings 170 groszy daily): you have to spend 4000 groszy to get 50 daily. If there is a stable, then the income will increase by an additional 120 to 170.

— Beehives (120 groszy brings every day): the construction cost is 1,500 groszy, while 60 will be spent daily. But if a tavern and a bakery were built, then the income will increase by 180 and make 120 groszy.


What is the point?

If you have 40,000 groszy and more:

— Build an inn for 8000 to get 205 daily (instead of the negative income by default “-295”).

— Build the Brewery upgrade for the 2000 penny inn to get 505 daily.

— Build hives for 1500 to produce 100 due to the presence of a tavern, although 60 of them will go to minus. This will result in a daily profit of 545 groszy.

— Build a forge for 8000 and you can receive over 500, and in total — 1045.

— Build any upgrade for the forge for 2000 — choose what you like most. Now profits will rise to 1245.

— Build a bakery for 4200 and can receive an additional 250 + 80 (for hives) pennies. In general — 1575.

— Buy upgrades for the bakery for 500 pennies to increase your daily profit by another 85 — 1660 in total.

— Build a stable for 5,000 groszy to increase your profit by 140 + 35 (per smithy) and an additional 120 if there is a merchant’s house. Total income will be 1955 groszy.

— Buy upgrades for the stables for 2000 to increase your profit by 70 — just 2025.

— As a result, you will spend 33,200 pennies on the construction of the listed buildings and their upgrade, but as a result you will receive a daily profit of 2025 pennies. Skip 17 days and recoup all costs.

If you have less than 20,000 groszy:

— Build a tavern for 8000 and start to get 205 pennies instead of a loss of 295.

— Build an upgrade brewery for the inn so that the profit is 505 (spend 2000).

— Skip a few days to accumulate 15,000.

— Build hives for 1500 and the total profit will be 545 groszy.

— Build a forge for 8000 to increase income to 1045.

— Buy an upgrade for 2000 for the forge. Choose any you wish. As a result, the income will be 1245 groszy.

— Again miss a few days to accumulate 15,000.

— Build a bakery for 4200 and the profit will be 1575.

— Upgrade it for 500 to increase profits to 1660.

— Build a stable for 5000 and the total profit will be 1955 (if there is a merchant’s house, and you need it).

— Buy an upgrade for the stable for 2000 and revenue will increase to 2025.

— In sum, you will again spend 33,200 pennies, receive the same income in the amount of 2025, but this should take more time because of the need to skip days and accumulate the necessary amount twice.

If you have no money at all, then try to save up at least 8000 groszy to build a tavern and get out of minus income. If this is not possible, then start with the bakery:

— For 4200 build a bakery to reduce losses from 295 to 45 pennies.

— Over 500, upgrade the bakery and be able to increase revenues by 85.

“Thus, having spent 4,700, you transferred from losses to a daily profit of 40 groszy.

— If you build hives for 1500, then because of the daily expenses for them you will be able to increase the profit by only 20 pennies.

— Skip a few days to collect money. Then try to build an inn as soon as possible, since it, together with the already prepared hives and bakery, will increase profits to 620. We remind you that you will have to spend 8,000 pennies on it.

— If you can invest another 3000 on the upgrade, then the total profit will increase to 1180.

— At this stage you will be able to accumulate pennies as much time as you want, and then continue the construction of new buildings.


After the daily profit exceeds 2000 pennies, you can do two things:

1. Skip a few days until you accumulate 80-100 thousand, which will allow you to buy all the necessary updates and keep about 30-60 thousand in your pocket.

2. Finally upgrade your town hall. The first update will increase the daily fees from this building, but you will still be in the black. The second update will expand the house, adding the ability to use the table of alchemy and garden for growing plants.

After that, upgrade the church to complete the main task of the expansion. It increases the happiness of citizens and daily takes 300 pennies.

It now remains to chat with Divisch in order to complete the quest and stay on the position of a richtar in the free play mode.


Among other things, you can find different professionals who will do a certain job in Pribyslawitz. And some of them met you in the storyline and side quests of the original game.

So you need a good swordsman for a new city? Go to Sazava and talk to a guy named Fink, asking for his help.

We list some characters who can become your assistants in Gribislawitz:

— Kunnesh is a refugee from Skalica, look on the streets of Ratae. With it, you lower the cost of loggers.

— Matey and Fritsek in the tavern on the meadow. Some players managed to convince these characters to move to Pribislavitsa, but this happened after the completion of a number of quests.

— Adam, Ratae’s tavern. The son of an old innkeeper, who also issues a secondary quest. After completing all the tasks related to him, he will agree to become an innkeeper in Pribyslawitz.

“Andrew is a tavern on the east of the map.” He is an innkeeper. It will be necessary to join him in confidence, although I could not do it.

— Cornelius — a refugee from Skalica, look on the streets of Ratae. He will add a profit to the merchant’s home at a rate of 75 pence a day. It can be unlocked after completing the quest «Aquarius».

— Fink is a swordsman from Sazava. You can unlock it after it completes the creation of the sword of the Queen of Sheba. With it, you can increase profits by 60 pennies per day.

— Mark — the stableman from the stables of Neuhof. You can take him to your city if you convince Zora or pay her. You can also get it for free for completing the horse racing quest.

— Mirka — in a mill outside the Mkhoroedov. For the first time you will meet her in the storyline quest «My buddy Peto.» You can ask her to become a maid in a tavern.

— Zach is a bronzer ship located near the monastery of Sazava. You can get it when you perform a side quest, which can be taken only when you perform the story «All that glitters.» If you chose his side, then he will become your armor in Pribyslawitz.

— Master Ota — on the central square of Sázava, near the point of a quick trip. After completing the side quest described above, you can choose the side of Ota. In this case, it is he, not Zack, who will become your armor.

— Master hunter Nicholas — on Thalmberg Hill. You will need to complete the quest so that he will no longer be a hunter in Talmberg and will be able to move to Pribyslawitz.

— Konrad Hagen — a merchant in the city square Ratae. He is not interested in becoming your merchant, so he will ask to contact someone else.

— Vashek from stables Užice. He can go to you to work in the stables.


There is one more thing that can help you rebuild the city:

— Every day you can take the quest under a large tree located in the center of Gribislavitsy. There will always be some disputes, disagreements and you, as a Richtarzh, will have to make decisions. The choice made will affect the happiness of the population and your income.

— You can steal from chests placed in the city. Practically in each of them there are pennies, but there may be more valuable items. If you forgot the mechanics of the game, then we remind you: you cannot sell stolen items in the same city.

— You can skip days in two ways. For example, you can go to another city and pounce on a guard, and then surrender to be in prison. This is a quick option, but in this case, in the city where you went to jail, reputation will be lost.

Another way is to skip 24 hours through the normal function, but this approach will take more time, since Indro will refuse to rest more than a day for a row. On the other hand, you save all your accumulated reputation.

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