Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Cheats

During the game press the key "~" (tilde) to bring up the console window. Enter the following cheat codes(1 — enable, 0 — disable):

wh_ui_showCompass 1/0 is add/remove the compass wh_ui_showHealthbar 1/0 is add/remove the health bar
wh_dlg_chatbubbles 1/0 – add/remove replicas of characters
g_showHUD 1/0 – enable/disable the «HUD» (interface)
r_motionblur 1/0 –enable/disable (default is 2)
cl_fov [n] – change field of view (FOV) (default 60)
Save (the name of the save file) is stored
Load (boot file name) – load saved
e_ViewDistRatioVegetation [number] – change the level of detail of trees and grass at a distance (by default 500)
e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist [number] – changes the animation of the grass in the distance (default is 20)
e_ViewDistRatio [number] – change the level of detail of objects at a distance (by default 500)
wh_pl_showfirecursor 1/0 is add/remove the front sight for a bow
r_vsync 1/0 –enable/disable vertical sync in the game
sys_MaxFPS = [number] – to fix the FPS (framerate) in the game on the specified number
e_TimeOfDay – display game time
p_gravity_z [number] – change the gravity (default is 13)

Cheat codes for the beta version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance:
wh_cheat_money [number] – add gold coins
wh_cheat_addItem [ID] [number] – add the specified quantity of the specified item

Examples of ID of the items:
Bastardsword bastard swords
Green Hood – green hood
Coif – a coif
Red Hat – red hat
Red Long Sleeve Tunic – red tunic with long sleeves
Brown Hood brown hood
Leather Shoes – leather shoes
Short Breeches – short breeches
Clean Short Breeches – net short breeches
long linen shirt, long linen shirt
With leather Footwraps – winding with leather

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