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6 years ago in one of the texts I associated Jagged Alliance with the prototype of the old art, artifact, inherited unfair to us, the contemporaries, from the majestic protcol. Supposedly, everyone understands its importance and value, but nobody really knows what to do with all this. And in General it seems that the ancient shrewdly cursed own masterpiece and everyone who touches him. The worst thing is that all this burning and up to date.

Jagged Alliance 3 until this time never came, although the samples were taken not just once but all the remakes of games based on (from time to time even under a cult brand) and the rest of the copy, usually only cause a bad reaction are very picky in this case the public.

This is not familiar and the developers of the Austrian Studio Cliffhanger Productions — specifically they are responsible for not the most successful Jagged Alliance Online, one title which has already been forced to beat a little shiver all fans of the cult series. But the Austrians did not give up. The curse in this case, apparently worked the way they somehow turned out to be permanently associated with this brand, and we are permanently doomed to follow attempts Cliffhanger Productions still closer to the unattainable.

The latest such attempt was the Jagged Alliance: Rage!

The guerrillas inevitably

So would place and in the same spirit. Even mercenaries with nostalgic names and nicknames are — Ivan Dolvich, Shadow, Fidel, an Owl and some others. The story caused all that crazy bomber Fidel.

20 years after the events of the first Jagged Alliance he got into trouble over some tropical Peninsula and from the side of falling of the helicopter sent a distress signal to staff on A. I. M., promising, of course, not only verbal gratitude, and a tidy amount of cash.

We elected to start two mercenaries from the available list and go to the rescue. Here we get captured, run and find out that we again have to wage war against the local despot (part-time and even the drug Lord), which is terrorizing the civilian population. Confront him, usually, rebels, guerrillas, favorite which (naturally a woman) soon makes contact and asks for help.

Nowhere to go — tools have saved us at for Fidel himself has not appeared and the native Agency A. I. M. instead of a helicopter for evacuation may only submit 1-year mercenary to help us out — who exactly, we elect ourselves.

So we have to act, coupled with the guerrillas, promising to help to get out from the island: to release of jail, the village, capture the reservoir where you try to poison all the water to attack a fortified camp, from which often on the global map for our soul out patrols, etc.. By the way, to hold those same patrols and quietly get on the map to the place of execution of the task without being distracted by a shootout with pursuers, you can call the insurgent groups and ask them to hold opponents in one way or another point. This is particularly useful when our wounded squad needs brakes and smash into the map camp, to rest, to regain strength, to repair armor or make a modification to the gun.

The extraordinary specifics on the plot puts the fact that the despot and drug Lord in one person uses some experimental drugs to brainwash the population to get people to wage war against his own relatives. After some time our soldiers will also be able to use these substances and manipulate enemies. Jagged Alliance: Rage! game overviewShot in the leg at the time immobilize the enemy.

Again by?

Jagged Alliance: Rage! it is not difficult to blame either as it is stylish at the moment to read, "hatiti". World is empty — there are no settlements, where it is necessary to talk with local residents, to do their job or hire someone. Split into sectors that must be protected, also. High volunteer can be put in a steeper gear.

In battles you can't climb on the roof and there is no destructible.

No money, trade and economic system. As there is no real flow. Yes, our soldiers did not develop — perhaps again due to the ability to remove the corpse or to find the boxes more massive weapon and armor. Just at the beginning of each mercenary has its own characteristics. Someone better with guns and rifles, and someone with a cool weapon or prefers hitting things with his fists.

One gets prizes from autofire, the other efficiently shoot single. Ivan Dolvich due to its dimensions can serve as a typical shield for allies, Fidel, of course, strong explosives, and the Owl is a natural goalscorer. Well, etc..

But in the course of completing any development of these opportunities do not get.

The images themselves are poorly mercenaries worked, at the level of specific recurring cast replicas — well, those places sounded almost at the Amateur level. Graphics are kind of untidy, cards, first very small, and the AI opponents occasionally fails, not noticing a meter away the corpse of an ally. Well, you fight at first seem very easy: get hold of a sniper rifle with a silencer or a crossbow with silent arrows, the masses to mow a fighter without noise and a scratch.

The combat system is a special emphasis specifically on stealth (now all learned to hide in the grass), which places us almost just make opponents always more, some of them with at least some ability to raise the alarm, call for backup either, for example, start to shoot the prisoners, threatening the failure of the mission. Therefore it is necessary to them to quietly sneak up and knock him out, better from the back (it will allow in one fell swoop or a visible knife to destroy the enemy, and later to drag him to the grass). All this perfectly, but here goes not a step by step strategy, and a stealth simulator.

Jagged Alliance: Rage! game overviewMove around the map in the main could only own two.

Stealth for the benefit of

But if you give Jagged Alliance: Rage! chance immediately and not to act rashly, it is possible to find positive sides that will allow you to play a certain pleasure. Card evenly become larger and more complex — like contractions.

Opponents wearing more powerful gear, will not get only one sniper rifle — their armor can block even a bullet from a shotgun.

In such a situation, stealth, allowing a whistle to lure enemies, is perceived not as an imposed "feature", as an urgent necessity. Especially since it "sharpened" and the ability of some mercenary — for example, Shadow uses the grass as a shelter, and Ivan Dolvich due to the size of it can hide only if sprawled on the ground.

Apart from the further, the often appear extraordinary emergency situation, when, for example, after capturing radio towers, or after a conversation with the favorite of the rebels on their base from all sides begin to attack by superior enemy forces supported any monsters-the Berserkers. Here we have one stealth will not get very hot and it's tough even on the standard difficulty level.

Additional complexity of introducing the factor of time of day (night range is reduced), also wear armor and guns, which can break and jam at the most inopportune moment.Jagged Alliance: Rage! game overviewThe supplies each soldier should be a knife!

Mercenaries also suffer

Benefited the game and the new mechanics of rage. When taking damage, our mercenaries boil from over-the-top adrenaline — this opens up the opportunity to use special skills. For example, Fidel no cost points acts (AP) firing to oppress or offend teammates to raise their level of rage, the Owl produces a particularly clear shots, doctor q transformerait fury in additional OD, etc.

In nearly all situations it is really useful. And even the fact that the excessive adrenaline is harmful to the health of certain fighters (can cause a heart attack), it looks fascinating "trick".

In the end, well fit into the General outline and elements of survival. All mercenaries except the level of rage, health, points acts and armor appeared characteristics of thirst and immunity. While moving around the map it is believed that the time goes by, and so our charges are starting to ask for water.

If you do not drink, lowered immunity, which increases the risk to catch some disease.

The same thing happens, if not it is time to remove the splinters from the wound and if you drink alcohol (partly relieves thirst, but lowers the immune system) or stained water. But the infected soldier, who did not accept medication, decreases the most in store health. This, of course, far not real "virovac", but we must admit that such elements add pepper to the gameplay and returned to the game the time factor, you want to watch. Well, the search nezametnoe water is a separate affair.Jagged Alliance: Rage! game overviewSuch is here the system of "destruction".***Yes, overcoming initial scepticism in Jagged Alliance: Rage!

fully you can play and get their dose of adrenaline. And yet in General Cliffhanger Productions he went out again falling out — especially against the background of emerging at the same time Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, except where stealth is still pumping, and trade, and the opportunity to climb to the roof, well, Overwatch is much more useful work. In General, progress is evident, and ideas are worthy of attention. The case for "small" — for implementation.

So expect the subsequent attempt of the Austrians on the same topic — maybe that's where the phrase Jagged Alliance the title really be justified.

Pros: there is really a difficult fight and situation; the elements of survival and the new mechanic of rage is well blended into normal gameplay; many different tools and equipment.

Disadvantages: much less depth in comparison with Jagged Alliance 2; The AI sometimes outright stupid; weak elaboration of characters; convincing graphics, sound and physics.

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