Introducing classes in Defiance 2050

The developers of MMO shooter Defiance 2050 have published a new video dedicated to the reprint of the original game. In it, they shared the details of the classes that will be available to users after the launch of the project. Although the total number of specializations remained equal to four, the creators decided not only to rework them, making various changes and improvements, but also to change the names. In the video, public relations manager Scott «Mobi» Jasper told about what the players are waiting for:

  • Assassin — A born killer, he has the ability to sneak up on his victims using stealth and inflict devastating damage with a melee weapon. This class specializes in instant critical attacks.
  • The Guardian is a front line soldier who can defend his allies with a protective barrier. As a true «tank», has the ability to «provocation» and resistant, reducing the damage received. In addition, his shock wave can stun nearby opponents.
  • Combat Medic — The purpose of this fighter is very simple to guess. His main task is to heal and strengthen party members with various buffs.
  • Assault — The most universal class. He shows himself well in attack, and in defense, and in support. It has a powerful melee skill, and its ability to run fast is perfect for both swift attacks and retreats.

Currently, developers are preparing for the third stage of closed beta testing, the exact date of which will be announced closer to the planned event.

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