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If you look to the changes in the preferences of the primary audiences of various network militants, we can see a fairly steady demand for close-to-reality shooters. The traditional "shooter" like DOOM are rare, all give believable ballistics and damage model, and the authentic image of guns and gear to say nothing — no unlimited ammo, and not be.

In those days, when realism had not been so popular for modification Half-Life 2 under the title Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat became a boon to those who lusted more from everyday shooters. She later, as so often happens with mods, released as a standalone game received very good reviews. This year, after almost 5 years after the release of the first part, there Insurgency: Sandstorm, which we now will tell.

Hello, old friend

The basic idea Sandstorm unchanged from the time of the modification a decade ago. There are two opposing teams — Insurgents and Security who are fighting among themselves somewhere in the middle of the middle Eastern landscape. Each team — their goals, the achievement of which is associated with the destruction of opponents.

Fighting — standard nowhere: they all boil down to the capture and defence of the main points in different variations. It would seem, and say nothing. But Insurgency far not so ordinary as it seems at 1st sight.

There are three main modes: "Collaborative play" — fighting in co-op vs robots, the Duel — team Deathmatch, with the number of participants to 30 for two people and the "Competition" — rating games 5 x 5. The 1st mode is that in practice and hardly worth it to pay attention to him. Rating games is already more exciting then Insurgency makes a moderate step towards competitive matches services like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Another sign of this is the presence of very detailed statistics that includes every detail down to the amount of time spent in the squat.

But personally, my competitive battles seemed fresh card for a dozen of participants could be smaller, and cooperation with random allies, as a rule, leaves much to be desired. It is possible that a team with friends, this mode will be much more fun, but it is only for those who are attracted by the competitive element of the game.

Want to understand what the new Insurgency actually, choose "Duel", can't go wrong. It is here presented the full range of content: a large number of participants in a single round, large maps, different classes of fighters and weapons and weapons. The latter needs to talk more, as it is the choice of "kit" which has the greater impact on the gameplay in every match.

Insurgency: Sandstorm review of the gameEvery self-respecting rebel should be a fashionable "look".

Special forces meet at the unloading

In General, customization in Sandstorm presented in three dimensions. The very first is the look of a fighter. It is configured in the main menu: face, camouflage, variety of accessories, from gloves and ankle boots to tattoos.

You can even choose the gender of your character, but only for the "good guys" — Security and "insurgents" represented by men only.

The second plane is the choice of a class of fighter during the game. As a rule, the number of fighters of the same class is strictly limited in favor of balance — for example, the team can only be two snipers and two commanders. It is clear that only a heavy can use the machine guns, and Blaster launchers, but nothing's stopping to pick up fallen killed "trunk" right in the battle.

But that's not all — the choice of class affects the third layer of customization, which is a specific set of weapons and "equipment". Each soldier has half a dozen equipment points spent on the purchase of a primary weapon, a variety of modifiers to it (sights, grips, flame arrestors, and similar useful stuff), pistols, grenades, body armor and unloading.

This system allows you to choose the right outfit for yourself — based on ease of use or the chosen role on the battlefield. For example, the sniper, if he's going to "work" from afar, rarely changing position, it is better to take a high-powered rifle with a scope large multiplicity and heavy "armor". But in this case, it is unlikely to remain the glasses on the gun and grenades, which is useful to the arrow, which even with a sniper rifle prefers to be in the thick of the battle.

Insurgency: Sandstorm review of the gameIf war has not a female face, it is certainly not in Sandstorm.Two classes stand out: the commander and the observer. The first provides direct control of the battle… or Rather, he should do it, but in reality to wait for a good interaction is naive. However, the commander has its own tools to change the situation on the battlefield, and for their application to just one intelligent player who will take the class observer.

Talking about call of support tools, which can be of several types, from the artillery strike before the RAID attack helicopter or a squadron of unmanned drones ("insurgents" and "security" to different options for such skills).

Why do we need an observer? Without it, the commander of the helpless, to bring up the same helicopter, it is necessary that the representative of this class was in close proximity, otherwise it will only look through the binoculars at the target and shout into the radio, telling the observer to quickly find their place.

With the radio, or in-game voice communication, is connected another curious fact is to use the MIC stands with care, because the enemies nearby can hear you. Realistic — as a lot Sandstorm.

Desert storm

Remembered realism, and not in vain — that here in abundance. Death by a single bullet in order, during the run has to take into account the inertia to spin in place like a top, does not work, and such platitudes as severe impact, the simulation of fire suppression and the lack of "hitmarkers", and can not speak.Insurgency: Sandstorm review of the gameYou can ride on machines, however, they are of little avail — seems too convenient a target for the enemy.As a rule, the more realistic a shooter is, the more measured and slow in this gameplay. Real war is slow, and therefore those games that try to most accurately simulate the real clash can be characterized by rather low dynamics.

Just look at Squad or series Arma — spend ten minutes waiting for enemy to die, so never having shot in the last in order.

Insurgency the exception to the rule. Like the original modification in the first independent game and Sandstorm the developers were able to achieve that realism becomes an obstacle to truly hurricane action. To win, you must like to have a quick and straight arms and to keep the head cool, first thinking and then acting.

Yes, it is better to fight with caution, Yes, wait for the revival on average half a minute, but the feeling that you're in the middle of a fierce battle, not leaving for a second. In many respects, this atmosphere is achieved by just a great sound. Explosions, gunfire, the sound of shell casings falling on the rocks after yet another queue of machine guns, the cries of the wounded — no worse than a Hollywood blockbuster.

Misfire when firing

The schedule, locations and their design, too, want to praise, but to make it not work. Not enough cards, although they are quite well designed — it is clear that the level designers took care not only about appearance but also about the impact on gameplay: for example, a win-win position for the "campista" is very small. Insurgency: Sandstorm review of the game"Fighters of invisible front" — due to a bug, instead of a soldier is seen only by its unloading the weapon.Unfortunately, the game suffers from bad optimization and bugs. Low quality textures that appear in the most unexpected moment, sticking doors, through which one cannot pass, the "invisible" soldiers, who have seen only unloading and weapons — all this allows us to enjoy the process fully.

One of the most annoying bugs — short, but strong drop in framerate when looking through the scope. Perhaps the cause is my hardware, but changing the settings to minimum does not solve the problem. To get shot because of such "freezes" in the melee, very disappointing.

Actually, the "Sand storm" was out in September, after extensive beta testing, available to anyone who pre-ordered. But "beta" opened developers eyes: the project is not ready for release. In a matter of days before the announced release date of the action was sent back for revision.

I must say that this delay has gone Sandstorm benefit: I played the beta and I can say that now from many problems managed to get rid of. In General, the shooter looks much more like a finished product than three months ago. But honestly, a couple more months polishing the game just would not stop.

Something like this ends almost any attempt to ride.***New Insurgency completely corresponds to how it is described by the creators: this is a really hardcore tactical shooter. Tactics — even drown, but if you want you can just run around happily with no cooperation with the team. Hardcore is also missing, but it doesn't save the high dynamics of each battle. And shooter Sandstorm can be called literally — modeling, their behavior, sound, and customization allow you to get real pleasure from the process of shooting. It remains to catch bugs and tighten performance.

Let's hope that the developers will have no problems.

Pros: sound; realistic weapons and damage model; combination of dynamic and hardcore.

Disadvantages: poor optimization, bugs, low number of cards.

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