In World of Warships appeared the submarine and the operation «Terror from the deep»

In World of Warships added a Halloween update which includes 5 unique submarines and a new operation «Terror from the Deep». A thematic event will last until November 21, during this time, all players will have time to fight with the Bad, and the fear of all water space – Battleship «Rasputin».

Will also be available from Halloween-themed operation: «a Beam in darkness» and «Transylvania». By the way, they added not only for guidance, and for every operation and players will receive a prize. At the start of the event, you will find only one submarine – the Barracuda, the other 4 will only be available after completion of all operations.

Create teams and go to exterminate vermin!

As reported by developers, after the thematic of the event will consider the input of the submarines on a permanent basis. If they appear in the near future, submarines will take the place of the fifth class of ships.

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