In World of Warships appeared full branch of British destroyers

The core servers of the online action World of Warships was installed major content update. The main feature of the patch 0.7.10 has been the emergence of a full-fledged branch of the British destroyers. These ships have something to surprise your enemies.

They have the ability potrebnogo launch torpedoes, smokescreen, as well as useful equipment on high levels — “Sonar search” and “Repair team”.

In addition, players have access to the second part of the event “Royal Navy”. All captains will have five stages, each of which will last for one week. So, completing tasks, players can receive special rewards.

Also in World of Warships began a thematic event dedicated to the celebration of Halloween. During the event, the game returned to time mode, “the Salvation of Transylvania” and “Beam in darkness”. But that’s not all.

The developers have added a new operation “Terror from the deep”, which provides a unique opportunity to assess the new class of ships — submarines.

Do not forget the developers and about the various improvements of the gameplay and balancing changes. In addition, now at the helm of your vessel, you can put the legendary Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.

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