In World of Tanks were the Great wall of China

For online action World of Tanks has released a new update. The main feature of the 1.2 patch was the appearance of the card — “the Borders of the Empire.” This location is quite extensive and is perfect for fans of various types of equipment, and the battle will unfold on the background of beautiful nature and the great wall of China.

In addition, the developers have made balancing changes to premium tanks with preferential level fights. Of all the various changes got ten cars. Also up to HD-quality was improved two cards — “Highway” and “Wildpark”, and such locations as the “overlord”, “Paris”, “Redir”, “Ruinberg” and “Sandy river” was redesigned.

Not forgotten Wargaming and about the operation of personal missions, through which users can make Soviet heavy tank level X “Object 279 (R)”.

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