In the PC version of Monster Hunter: World will appear Lunastra

Very soon, PC users action / RPG Monster Hunter: World are waiting for new adventures. Already on November 22, a major update will be released, which will be the fourth in a row and will add a new dangerous monster to the game — Lunastra.

This ancient dragon is capable of delivering many problems to the brave hunters, as it uses powerful fire attacks during the battle. However, it is also a source of rare materials used in the creation of new equipment and weapons, so players will be happy to try to disassemble this powerful creature for parts.

In addition, the developers have prepared a special event dedicated to another franchise from the company Capcom — Devil May Cry. Performing special assignments, players can get hold of weapons and costume of Dante, one of the main protagonists of this series. The event will be held from 16 to 29 November.

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