In the console version of World of Tanks will be strategic mode

Just weeks users of the console version of the online action World of Tanks will be able to try out quite an interesting novelty. The developers have announced a special gameplay mode called “battlefield”.

Thanks to him, you will be able to participate in tank battles as a true strategist, driving is not one tank but a whole strike team, consisting of nine machines. The new regime will especially appeal to fans of strategy in real time, as it will allow you to observe the battle from a bird’s flight. She is simmetrichnoi battle, as your opponents will have six tankers, each of which controls only one piece of equipment.

To participate in the “battlefield” will be from 30 November to 9 December.

In addition, the game will be a new car — three tanks of mercenaries with the extravagant commanders. This technique was created in collaboration with the art group ARTtitude, and access to it will be possible to obtain until December 11. 27 November, users will be able to try the new French premium tank destroyer Audace AMX Canon d 105 Assault, possessing impressive speed.

And if you and this seems insufficient, the in-game store on the occasion of Black Friday are the best deals.

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