In Path of Exile came the distribution of gifts!

The holidays gradually got to the mysterious world of Path of Exile. In honor of Christmas, the developers of Grinding Gear Games give all travelers in PoE’s «Mysterious box of Hargraves» that contains cosmetic items, Pets, improved the animation for some skills and decoration for your home.

To receive boxes of Hargraves players need to open a shop in the game, after which the gift will be automatically issued on your account and after some time will appear in the purchases section of the store. It is important to note, the store you need to visit in the game, if you go to the store on the website, the gift will not find. By the way, for a gift, your account must be created to the present day – 25 December.

Free distribution of the «Mysterious box Hargraves» will continue until December 31, so hurry!

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