In Japan you can now go to prison for the resale of keys and a cracking save

In Japan there is a law on the suppression of unfair competition, which protects including digital data. Before the law was amended, which are directly related to the gaming industry.

Writes, the amendment prohibits three types of activities:

1. Dissemination of tools and programs that allow you to change the saved data.
2. Resale keys for software without permission of the Creator of the product.
3. The provision of services on the modification of stored data.

For violators provided penalties of a fine up to 5 000 000 yen (about 46 480 USD) and up to five years in prison. Moreover, cyber criminals may be required to pay for the damage he caused the company — manufacturer.

The authors of some programs have already responded: for example, disappeared from the sale Cyber Save Editor for PlayStation 4, which managed to break the persistence of more than 650 games.

It is expected that the law will primarily hit those money breaks the game data or modifies the console so that it could install the pirated game. Some sources claim that the amendments in the law relate not only to those who spread hacks, but those who use them. However, because of the difficulties of legal translation Japanese we do not claim that the information is correct.

And the resale of keys — private gray area that escapes the attention of lawyers in many countries. Now in Japan it’s forbidden. Thus, according to, in 2012 the European court ruled that users in Europe can resell copies of digital games, that is decided directly opposite to a fresh amendment in Japan.


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