Important events in the universe of Warhammer 40,000. The Fall Of Cadia

Following the global events of the Era Shamara, drastically changed the appearance of the Warhammer Fantasy universe and caused heated debate among fans of the series, which continues to this day, the company Games Workshop decided to make shock therapy and his first on the popularity of the setting of Warhammer 40,000. The events severely jolted this universe, called the Fall of Cadia.

As in the case of Fantasy, Warhammer 40,000 has long maintained a relative balance of power – no one party failed to achieve any meaningful results at a strategic scale. And so, we got the push that turned the head of many things that were considered canonical.

So today the special theme we invite you to discuss this important event with our community.


– another attack of Abaddon the Destroyer on the Qadi crowned with success, despite the resistance of space Marines and regiments of Imperial guard, with the support of St. Celestine

– Necron Lord Trasin Innumerable associated with Archimages Stake and offers to make an Alliance in the war against the forces of chaos – he intends to attack with pillars of the zero-field that has long been deactivated

– the consequences of the activation of the pylons was not able to predict one – the Eye of Terror for a time closed, and the legions of Chaos lose touch with their gods, hordes of demons are expelled, and the mechanisms of the dark Mechanicus cease to give life signs. But suddenly begins to lose power and the Holy Celestine, and with it faith in the victory of the other forces of the Imperium

– weakened and deprived of the aid of the patrons, Abaddon and Celestine converge in a fierce battle. Combat ends heavy wounds from both sides: injured in the spine Abaddon teleported into a Spirit of Vengeance, Holy Celestine retreats along with other Imperial forces

– Kazanskie pylons do not stand up to hard work and being damaged by numerous attacks haositov, destroying the planet from within. Eye open with a new force and absorbs hated the planet so long resisted the designs of the dark gods

The forces of the Chaos legions suffered heavy losses, but still they won. Abaddon will lead his Horde to attack the Imperium. His goal is Terra. Now the armies of the Emperor no way to curb the Forces of Chaos from the Eye.

The war will spread to every corner of the Imperium, and although the servants of the Emperor mobilized incredible resources, it doesn’t matter, because the Eye grows and captures planet after planet. The end of Times comes and demons once again come into this world…

The full version of the kaleidoscope of events can be detected here.

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