How to receive resources in Clash of Kings

In the game there are several types of resources that are used to build and upgrade any structure, as well as training the army. An army requires a certain amount of food per unit of time.

Long-term storage of food leads to their loss.

In general, there are several types of resource acquisition

  • The first is the construction of a farm and the breeding of animals on it, as well as the construction of a sawmill to obtain virtually unlimited quantities of wood. At the 10th level, the possibility of building an iron ore mine opens, and on the 15th — the mithril mine.
  • Robbery of other gamers is a good way to podkonapit. Try to look for abandoned unguarded locks, unequipped with traps. They can be cleaned without risk and loss. Located in the zone of your reach, such a castle will be an excellent feeder, but this happens very rarely.
  • You can build another castle with the purpose of production and extraction of resources. It can build farms and sawmills to increase production rates. In this case, you will have to visit it regularly to collect resources.
  • To obtain a certain type of resources, it is worthwhile to join the alliance and exchange the required raw materials for what is in abundance.
  • A lot of resources are easily purchased or collected on the map. During the gathering, soldiers may be attacked.
  • Rans can be obtained as a reward for the quest. It should not be activated immediately, overflowing the warehouse. Activate resources if you need to update, train, cure or feed the army.
  • Remember the harbor, the well of desires and the wheel of fortune located in the tavern. In the well of desires, you better stop the choice of steel — it’s hard to get, in comparison with other resources.
  • Kill the monsters — their corps, in addition to experience, will bring food and building materials.
  • Try to keep stocks of resources in objects — so they are not looted, and you can activate them at any time.
  • Assorted, activated, received and stolen resources are stored in a warehouse, where they can not be stolen. The size of the warehouse is quite enough to serve the army and the castle in the first time.
  • When the amount of food drops to zero, nothing will happen to the army, so spending food is just for development.
  • Food intended for updates, collect the latest. So it will not be spent by the army in vain, especially when the number of soldiers seriously increases.
  • Not collected in the fields of resources can easily be plundered, keep this in mind.