How to find out how full the building is

Each storage and building for the extraction of resources has a certain amount that they can accommodate, it can be increased by pumping structures. But, as you do not try, more than the required volume in the structure does not climb.

When choosing an opponent for an attack, it will be useful to know how well its bins are filled and whether there is anything to profit from. How to do this and we will tell below.

After attacking the enemy and seeing that he has stocks, you must understand what to attack first, the warehouse or directly mine. You can do this by throwing one attentive glance.


At the gold mine it is necessary to pay attention to the box standing next to it, if coins are sparkling in it, the mine is full.

Inside the collector of the elixir there is a small temporary storage, if there is something in it, then you can rob.

To know if there is something dark in the collectors of the elixir, then you should also pay attention to the circled area, if it is full, then there is something to profit from.

Also, resources can be found by you in the clan’s fortress. Just pay attention to the repositories installed on its roof, you can judge by the degree of their filling and the amount of available resources.

Do not forget to pay attention to the level of attacked buildings, because the lower it is, the less resources you can earn.


Some defensive buildings, such as:

  • Hell Tower
  • Crossbows

must first be charged and only after that they will shoot during the attack of the enemy. So, while plundering other people’s cities, pay attention to the charge of these pieces, if there are no charges, then you should not be afraid of them.

Check the charge of the crossbow is easy, just see if there are shells in its casing or not.

You can check the hellish tower in a similar way. Look at it and if it is filled with a dark elixir, then there is a charge. If there is only one fireball on her roof, then she beats on single targets, and if three then by mass.

By the way, when attacking, also consider the fact that the buildings that are currently upgrading can not attack you either. We hope that these tips will help you.