How to farm cups

So, if you are planning to catch up in a short time with cups, then most likely you will need a couple of tips that would make it really fast.

General Tips

  1. Place the Town Hall inside the walls, in the center of the base. so it will be more difficult for you to lose.
  2. Do not hesitate to ask for protection from the Soklans.
  3. Revenge — this is the dish for which more cups are given than with a conventional battle.

The right choice of the enemy

To win quickly choose those bases in which the town hall is behind the fence. You will cope with just a handful of units and get your victory, and the one to whom you attack will receive a shield and save resources, all on an honest basis.

Rebuild your base

If you take all your resource stores off the fence, then when you attack them, 99% will devastate them and leave without trying to get one star, you will lose the races, while you will earn cups even when you are not in the game .