Hidden quests My Lands: the activation conditions.

Hidden quests My Lands: the activation conditions.

In the game, there are quests that are activated after the appearance of a certain event. I will upload them here as the location. The information can come in handy with this quest 150. Those wishing to join please.

1) Stop being an apostate (activated when you first become an apostate) — do you can wait a week or paying BG;

Award 1000 people.

2) To build 50 houses (quest-record);

3) Working hiding outside the city walls (activation condition: close the gate in the capital, in the villages should be building at the workplace) — execution: to open the gate and press the button to complete the building workers and scientists, (an additional condition: to have 5kk overall rankings and made Quest on the basis of 3)

reward: 300 soldiers and 30 doctors.

4) To destroy someone else’s building in the settlements (to found a city so that at least one of the settlements were wrong building) — execution: break the neighbor villages =)

Award: 3k iron;

5) In the capital there are jobs available (there is a free people and free space in the mining sites) — hint: When people leave the city because of the lack of homes for a living, some workers may also leave their seats. execution: press the button to complete the building work or construction workers and scientists;

Reward: 1 gold;

6) latent factional war

Factional warfare 150,000.

Activation condition: 100-139k. The task type 150k loyalki. 50 + doctors reward gift for 360 days.

Factional warfare 1000000.

Activation condition: about 500-600k loyalki. The task type 1kk faction loyalty. Reward 50k iron + gift.

Factional warfare 5000000. (Only on operational server)

Activation condition — 2.1kk — 4kk. task type 5kk loyalki or donate 1k black pearls.


Mining mines 300% on the ground in the desert 30 days

Mining mills 300% on the ground for 30 days Steppe

Within 30 days you will have the ability to automatically build troops


The factional war 50000000. (On fighting the server — mining unknown)

Activation condition — 20-25kk loyalki. The task type 50kk loyalki.


200 counts calculator battle

30 days automation


7) The Great Tribulation. Help volunteers (defending lose 1001 units)

Reward: 600 and 100 stretchers flyers;

8) The fallen soldiers on the defensive. Help volunteers (defending lose 3001 units)

reward: 800 stretchers, 300 flyers and 300 Lucario;

9) bloody revenge (defending lose 10,001 units)

Award: 3000 5000 soldiers stretcher 2,000 horses, 2,000 flyers healers 50000 500 200 mercenaries magicians

p.s. necessary for the emergence of the performance of two of the great tribulation and the hero must be at least once stunned

10) Resurrect forces (army resurrection of reviver)

reward: 500 stretchers.

11) Grab the salt lake (activated when the researcher will find a lake or in the study of science outside of ownership 3)

Reward: 100k tree

12) quests record for medals: 60 pcs. — I will not list all the …

13) Protection from adverse events (Part 1) is activated when the second occurrence of adverse events.

Objective: Destroy the ruins of 10 levels or to bribe the dark wizards Black Pearl. (300 BG)

Award: terminate the adverse event. Protection from adverse events at 30 days.

14) Protection from adverse events (Part 2) is activated by extending the negative event.

Objective: Destroy the ruins of 20 levels or to bribe the dark wizards Black Pearl. (400 BG)

Award: terminate the adverse event. Protection from adverse events at 30 days.

15) Night Visitor activated during the construction of the first dungeon.

Objective: To hire overnight guests. (500 BG) Time to perform 24 hours.

Reward: Performing this task will give a bonus of 100% to the probability of capture of an enemy hero dungeon for a period of 7 days.

16) Tournament as a panacea is activated by finding the flag.

Objective: To find researchers 10 flags in different colors. (Progress of this task remains between tournaments «Collection of flags»)

Reward: Random scroll level 2.