hidden quests army My Lands

hidden quests army My Lands

In today’s article we will talk about the hidden quests on the army. The game My Lands there are quite a lot of hidden quests, some of them in this quest reward which give a certain kind of units. Issued only at the miners’ servers to combat bonus is in the form of science. So

1. Close the gates in the capital and re-open it (have 50 doctors and 300 soldiers) Pretty good start development.

2. The quest for the accumulation of resources (resources can be stored in different cities)

Accumulate gold: gold 500k — given 500 soldiers

Collect tree: a tree 400k — given 500 riders

Collect stone: stone 300k — given 500 flying

Collect grain: grain 200k — given 500 Lucario

Accumulate iron: iron 100k — given to 500 doctors

3. The chain of quests paid for BG (not bad enough, after studying the colonization opened up to level 3)

Colonization 3 + 100BG — 100 doctors

Game 2 months + 300BG — 300 doctors

Game 3 months + 500BG — 500 doctors

4. Factional warfare 150,000

The condition of receiving the award:

Dial to dial in fractional rating from 101 000 to 149 000


To rise to 150,000

Reward: 50 doctors

5 Call of lunar warriors

Objective: To perform a ritual appeal lunar warriors

Cost: 20

Reward: 200 soldiers

6. Summon the ghost of magicians

Objective: To perform a ritual appeal ghostly ancient magicians

Cost: 40 CJ

Reward: 50 mages

7. Clone army of mercenaries

Objective: To perform a ritual creation of clones of mercenaries

Cost: XX

Reward: 2,000 mercenaries

7. The quest to find the ruins

Find all 50 of the ruins — 500 soldiers.

Find the ruins of the 50 Level 1 — 500 horses.

Find the ruins of 2 lvl 50 — 500 birds.

Find the ruins of 3 lvl 50 — 500 bows.

Find the ruins of 4 lvl 50 — 20,000 hirings.

Find the ruins 5lvl 50 — 500 magicians.

8. Collect 40 to the free population

Reward: 10,000 hirings

9. Resurrection defenders

Resurrect the fallen defenders

Reward: 500 porters

This is just a small part of the quest, as can be seen that the army can be collected only on some rewards.