Hacking Clash of Clans

Actually, today’s topic of the article is hacking COC: why, how and to whom is it needed? Hacking involves getting any gaming benefits and / or advantages over other players. Previously, it was very common to hack into the resources of various games using artmany, remember? 🙂

Such machinations worked perfectly for offline games, i.e. when we were playing with a computer. Well, perhaps there were games that broke and when playing on a local, but it’s rather an exception than the rule)

But with online games the situation is different. In our favorite SOS, all interactions and calculations occur on the server side of the developer, and the client located on the phone or tablet — just displays the information received. The amount of gold or elixir that you have — it is on the server side, and it is almost impossible to change it.

Therefore, what do we offer on the network — to download the hacked apk Clash of Clans, or to download a program for hacking an already installed game — cheating and divorce. And sometimes it’s worse — under the guise of «hacked versions» an evil virus or spy program is put to us.

How can it damage apk with a virus? yes, whatever! All passwords can be taken away from, from, from, and so on.

Can send SMS sms, pounding in the negative mobile account .. Yes, many different versions of evil waiting for prohindeev and fans of freebies.

If the technical side of the issue is quite difficult — then the moral is clear and unambiguous: hacking is bad! Cheaters are Fu!