H1Z1 — the game has a new map

Free Battle Royale is the H1Z1 shooter today will receive an important update that adds a new map called Outbreak. This Outbreak area with an area of eight square kilometers, and experienced players will be able to find a few familiar places, because when you create a new map elements have been used of old, such as Pleasant Valley and the Misty Peak Dam, but enough of them have changed.

In addition to new maps, the update also includes changes to gameplay mechanics that will help players, according to the developers, once again feel the touch of the «classic H1Z1» will also help returning musical composition. The characters will have new animations for running and jumping.

This is quite good news for players of H1Z1, because last game the map was originally designed for the sandbox mode Just to Survive. Since then, she has received many changes, but origins made itself felt.

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