[Guide] Monster Hunter: World — Story about two pigs

Not all hunters fighting giant creatures in the incredible world of action / RPG Monster Hunter: World are aware of the existence of several hidden missions that will make it possible to get some useful items. To get them, you first need to make friends with two cute pigs named Poogie and Mosswine. The first inquisitive animal will find equipment while you are on missions, if left in the right place.

The second piglet will help players to get a unique mask, wearing which you can eat various mushrooms and get positive effects from it, without fear for your health.

You can read more about the material and discuss it with other readers in the following topic: “MHW stories of two pigs» Poogie «and» Mosswine «».

“The second gilt that interested us is Mosswine. The name of the pig is a combination of words from the English. moss (moss) and swine (pig). Gilt looks as seen from the picture above with moss on the back, from it you can craft a beautiful mask in the game.) The material that we need is its skin (Mosswine Hide).

You will need this material to complete the quest with the delivery under the literal translation of “Mushrooms: Treasures smelling of nature” (Mushrooms: Nature’s Smelly Bounty) ”.

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