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If beauty will save the world, then maybe it will save video games. So, anyway, wants to think after meeting with Gris, debut project Spanish Nomada Studio. Personally, I find it hard to remain objective and keep emotions, so I will begin immediately with the author, an extremely subjective statement: after Gris the old argument about whether games can be art, I propose to consider closed.

Yes you can — prove staff Nomada.

From our videoprevyu you already know that this is the most beautiful game in the world. Or so immensely beautiful creations were before (think at least Child of Light), but in Gris this beauty of watercolors, fine lines, and games with color and panorama is the closest to what you can call it art — if we see a collection of paintings, some watercolors of the imagist, who a week ago was hanging in a Paris gallery, and now come to life on our screens. In this sense it is partly comparable to the 11-11: Memories Retold.

A long time to paint is useless — you'll all see and trailers, and a wonderful preview Catherine Krasnopolskaya. And hear. Magic piano play and in General very expressive, point-changing the music in Gris has the same meaning as visuals.

They work well in tandem, complementing each other, to immerse — no, not in a trance, atmosphere, dramatic, almost tragic (but with the right to hope) journey of a girl who lost her voice, by the ruins of the universe.

Sad journey

The message is about a naive girl, "locked in his own world of pain that had enveloped her in real life," you'll read in the description on Steam. But with few specifics. And it is this uncertainty (especially at first) stories Gris someone might want to put in a rebuke to the authors.

Gris review gameAll ingenious is simple?The girl sings on a huge stone hand, then suddenly loses her voice, a statue of an unknown woman collapses, the girl falls down, gets up and wanders slowly in monochrome, faded land. The shoulders are lowered, to escape can not, and when we click on the blank space in the expectation that at least she will bounce, that, on the contrary, falls to the ground. Hard emotionally, conceptually? Yes.

Immediately creates a mood of grief — you realize that in this game more than once or twice a shiver over my skin.

But what's next? Lonely sad girl in a triangle dress running through the devastatingly beautiful and conceptually constructed, but lifeless locations, long slips slides and falls lower. What is it?

A variation on the theme Journey?

Color moods — blue

Partly Yes, but then begins a more classic platformer in which at desire it is also possible to find references to the other games. The girl jumps, solve puzzles and gain new abilities. Here is her dress turns into a boulder to shelter from the gusts of the unknown storm or break in the jump fragile ceiling.

Here she learns to fly high into the sky, Bouncing like on a trampoline, on the red butterflies. Now playfully swimming in the water, but with the help of yellow butterflies shines in the darkness, pulling out the black outlines of walls, columns, stairs and platforms.

Finally, to find a voice and sings to the flowers opened, and out flew all of the same butterflies — well, or to their petals to jump higher. In General, nothing complicated, but closer to the finale, things heat up in all senses and at times it becomes difficult to understand what I want from you.

And the main goal is to collect white orbs, which heroine of the., crosses the chasm or unlocks the altars with new abilities. In addition, these areas need to build in the starry sky bridge, which the girl was going back up to the stone female hand, where it fell. As you progress through this huge sculpture is gradually recovering.

Gris review gameIsn't this art? Locations with change, finding color — red, green, blue, yellow. Each of them gives their abilities, environment, tasks and atmosphere. In this sense Gris full of imagination and diversity.

Races in green trees give way to flights in the sky or swim in the blue waters, and then we run into a hopeless darkness, where immediately comes to mind Limbo.

Repetition on its own

Much, of course, we have already seen there and create your own "clones" (in this case, freezing), and exercises with gravity and swim in the water. But who said that's bad? Gris in this case, resembles a collection of ideas submitted with its own atmosphere and style.

In any case, everything is beautiful, conceptual and surreal. So much so that at some point the world is flipped upside the head in the literal sense of the word: we run down the head. And all reminiscent of some fairy tale.

The girl, clearly in distress, help fireflies, little whether robots, whether the stones on the legs, which it feeds apples, large turtles. And to stop trying a huge black sign, which then turns into a black Moray eel.

The art of metaphors

However, here again the question may arise: what's with all these surreal platform exercises and puzzles? But aren't works of art must have to chew and sort through? But leave hints and symbols, metaphors, forcing us to think and to think out, to interpret is.Gris review gameThis bird in different guises to haunt the heroine.And Gris, in fact, these hints are enough.

Girl, which we already knew in the beginning and we know from the description, locked into a private world due to her grief befell all game and returns the color of the monochrome world, looking for a way up, home, and trying to collect the fragments of the destroyed stone female figure with which she fell. Besides the sculptures of this woman and then meet in different locations. What else you need to understand what it was about?

In any case, I want to interpret, and that's good. For me this is a story about how a girl is trying on pieces to collect herself, his desire to live, by accepting and releasing what happened. In a broader sense, the metaphor of resurrection and overcoming.

Another issue is that all these metaphors and symbols are not concentrated in the time "walking simulator", and smeared on a three-hour puzzle-platformer.

Personally I have had no problems. I treated the events as viewing smart movies, when you sit, trying to understand what is happening, interpret, what is distracting, but still waiting for outcome. And finally get the catharsis that flips everything and makes you feel a sentimental old fool who, swallowing tears, for a long time staring at the final credits.

Imagine how hard it is to wear such dress?***Like any work of art Gris tries to use expressive forms to cause emotional, even spiritual, if you want a response in public. I have caused. Last time I emotions of the game felt, perhaps, only in the first season finale The Walking Dead.

Well, still, maybe Life is Strange. In the same Steam almost all the reviews are also designed in the style of "tears and snot". But it is only bright emotions.

In this sense Gris can be recommended as a art therapy for people in depression. She proves that in any situation you can collect yourself, get up, overcome and move on — even with tears in his eyes…

Pros: very emotional, full of symbols and metaphors, story, varied gameplay with interesting abilities of the heroine; brilliant audio-visual content.

Disadvantages: the puzzles and jumping sometimes look too detached from the emotional component of the story.

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