Graveyard Keeper: a Guide for beginners

A beginner’s guide to Graveyard Keeper

Gamers ever interested in the project Stardew Valley will be happy to find familiar elements in the new game Studio Lazy Bear called Graveyard Keeper. The only difference is because instead of growing crops, mining ore and fighting with the green slug you offer to care for the cemetery, to prepare the bodies to bury them and Refine the grave.

Game card

First, look at the screenshot below:

A beginner's guide to Graveyard Keeper


Home is your starting point. Inside and outside there are many different workbenches, there is need to set the chests to sort all the items and facilitate their further search in the cellar to remove the rubble to gain access to the underground tunnels, allowing you to quickly navigate between different objects (so, for example, it is possible to reach the village).

The basement will be used for the production of wine. The vineyard, which allows you to grow the appropriate plant, located in the North-East of the house, on the hill. To expand the vineyard need to perform a few quests Inquisitor.

To the right of the house is the garden, which can be used for growing crops only once you get from the tavern owner a certificate for the property.

Mortuary and cemetery you will visit as part of training. If going down the morgue, it will be possible to find the platform used for cremation of the bodies. This is a great option to get rid of the low quality of bodies, but at the same time to the funeral certificate (unlike the moment when you dump bodies in the river).

If you go East from his house, down the path, you will find yourself in the middle of a wheat field. Climb up from the intersection to meet with Miller, selling hops and flour, then go down and learn about the Farmer who can buy the seeds for planting in the garden.

A beginner's guide to Graveyard Keeper

The intersection on a wheat farm.

Follow further to the East to get to the village, where many of the different NPC – blacksmith, tavern Keeper, carpenter, Mason, shepherd, beekeeper, an elderly merchant of hemp.

By the way, the owner of a tavern sells a lot of interesting things, including a teleport stone, instantly transporting you home and back to the village. Yes and it is not so expensive: just two silver.

If you go from the village to the right, it is possible to find the lighthouse. Here you can chat with the lighthouse Keeper, and Astrologer. However, the latter character appears only on certain days of the week.

Read about it below. The lighthouse Keeper offers items related to fishing.

If the house you go left, then you run into a destroyed bridge. Fix it, which will be in the swamp. Will have to overcome a maze. From the plate, move down, pass on spiral in a clockwise direction, not straying from the path. To ensure a quick passage to the witch’s house, restore another bridge to the right of it.

In the future you will not have to use the same maze! The witch will give you access to basic recipes of alchemy, she can buy the appropriate ingredients. The witch you can buy seedlings for bushes with berries and Apple trees.

They can be planted near the house, on the left side.

A beginner's guide to Graveyard Keeper

The witch’s cottage.

Go up from the house to discover the apiary. To use this feature, you need to unlock a certain technology.

Go to the upper right corner from the house to discover witch mountain. This location will be necessary in the performance of tasks of the Inquisitor. Here you will be able to sell burgers and beer, but in a certain day of the week.

If you go up from the apiary or swamps, then you will be rested in the rubble. Remove them to gain access to the forest and career. In spite of everything, a quarry will produce not only the stone, but coal and iron ore, and this source is inexhaustible.

Later you will be able to marble.

You are the same Graveyard Keeper (Cemetery Keeper), so the main task is the protection of the cemetery. This is only the beginning sounds simple, but the reality is much more complex and ambiguous. You will need to perform many different duties, to create new technologies.

But the first problem as a beginner is associated with the collection of experience points, which allows to study the required technology and unlock the Church. And for its construction and materials will come in handy!

Looking for materials, learning technologies

As for the mining materials, the Graveyard Keeper, you can get them from almost all surrounding objects – bushes, trees, rocks, even the barrels in the basement. For each resource requires a particular tool. For example, the trees we cut down with axes, but the remaining stump uprooted with a shovel already.

When you use the tools you expend energy (full scale by default, contains about 100 units), and worsen their condition, so later they will break. Fortunately, a local blacksmith offers you a whetstone, with which you can recover tools from home.

Also in the beginning of the game you can face a situation when it is impossible to collect resources. Most likely, was not made any requirements or you have not attained to that part of the story, when their farm becomes possible.

When you destroy various objects and collect those or other resources, in addition to they will notice the appearance of some multi-colored stones – red, green and blue. This experience points:

Red glasses extracted in the process of performing physical work. You will receive them in the operation of workbenches, craft items including wooden crosses and headstones, the mining, the destruction of large boulders or tree felling.

Green glasses associated with knowledge about nature. To get them you need to dig up bushes, plant trees, uproot stumps, etc.

Blue glasses connected to the spiritual knowledge of the intangible world, so they are you get, when something is «exploring» or «learning» in the game. And yet accumulate a sufficient number of blue points will be possible only after you built the Church. The Bishop will give the ability to farm the sand and clay can be used to make glass and to blue experience. It can also be obtained with the purchase of books the astrologer or the treatment of the skin from corpses in a paper that is done in the Church.

Early in the game to collect the first points of the blue experience on the bench, you can study the wings of bats or organs from the corpses.

All these experience points are spent on the acquisition of new and improvement of already existing «technology» that, in fact, are passive and active skills. All technologies are divided into six categories:

— Anatomy and alchemy

— Theology

— Skill of writing

— Agriculture and nature

— Blacksmithing

— Construction

There are no strict rules, which stipulate which technologies to choose in the beginning of the game, but keep in mind that some of them will need to perform various quests, for example, for cleaning of the cemetery. Beginners are recommended to focus on the construction, especially everything that is connected with wood and also theology, to build the crosses and tombstones on the cemetery.

Care bodies

In addition to the ability to interact with the elements of animate and inanimate nature to the Keeper of the Cemetery having to do the autopsy the bodies. bring All of the body that gives you a donkey, you have to pull to the morgue and laid on the operating table. Here you can cut the skin, pieces of meat, remove the bones and other parts.

Meat, for example, can be sold in the tavern, but most other items will be needed in individual cases to complete certain quests, so to dwell on each corpse, do not like to cut out everything that is inside.

Another important point which we must not forget: everyone’s body deteriorates over time. Donkey brings you completely fresh body after a while once you bury already processed or dumped it in the river. The sooner you raise your body, the higher the quality of what you cut out (preferably remain in the range of 90-100 %).

The freshness of the bodies affects the quality of the cemetery, as if the body began to disintegrate, then at his burial rating will be reduced. Impact on the overall rating have shards, which are specified for each corpse, and how grave tidy and how well it is decorated.

Here is a brief on what you need to do:

White shards: this is the baseline, indicating the good quality of the body. The more, the better. When exploring the tomb you will see a timeline with a few white shards. Their number indicates what quality can be grave after her jewelry. For example, if at the grave there is only one white skull, its rating may not be above «+1», whereas the tomb of five white shards can be upgraded to «+5».

Thus, it makes no sense to decorate the grave with one white shard of all that you have. You will spend the money and resources wasted!

Red shards indicate negative qualities of the corpse. Each red skull reduces the rating of the grave at one point. This means that if you have a grave with two red shards, its rating will be «-2».

In addition, red shards shall be deducted from the rating of white, so regardless of how well you have improved a grave, its rating will be reduced by the specified amount.

Green shards indicate that the flesh has started rotting. They are about the same as the red shards, but with one exception: you can’t fix them or delete!

Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to eliminate the decomposition of corpses, to get rid of unwanted red and add some white shards:

1. You can place the body in the grave, but not to bury it. This will stop the flow of corpses, bring a donkey as long as you don’t bury the body. Also, this approach allows the decomposition of the body (deterioration of freshness).

2. Build in the morgue trays, which can be used to leave the body. Corpses lying on them, also not degradable.

3. Throw the body into the river. If you forgot the corpse and its quality decreased significantly, you can dump it in the river. This will save you from the deterioration of the rating of the cemetery, and no game penalties for such actions are not provided.

In General, the body will begin to break up hopelessness about one’s day or night (sleep cycle). Now let’s deal with burying bodies and caring for them.

Initially you will be available cut of meat, but later you can unlock other organs and body parts in the thread «Anatomy».

A beginner's guide to Graveyard Keeper

All of the organs.

Read more about how different organs affect the quality of the body:

Meat – remove single white skull.

Blood – removes one red skull, adding one white

Fat – removes red and adds a white skull

Bone – useless, so you can remove all of the corpses

Skull – adds a red skull

Leather – removes one white skull and adds a red

The brain, heart and guts – mutually exclusive bodies. Randomly in the order removing any of the bodies will happen one of three options – removed two red skull, removed two white skulls, removed one red and white skull.

In addition, there is the chance for surgical error in which is removed the organ, but carcass quality will still deteriorate. You can later unlock the ability to reduce the probability of surgical errors.

Thus, ironically, when butchering bodies remove fat and blood. If the corpse has 3 or 4 red shard, then try to remove the brain, bowel or heart. If you’re lucky, you’ll get «the point» and get rid of the two red shards.

Care cemetery

Go to the graveyard and talk to the Bishop to know one of the main objectives: improvement of the local cemetery. You will need to repair or replace most of the headstones and railings of the graves. It will need to do with new graves where you are placing a processed body.

In the beginning of the game will give you a few repair kits for wood and stone, but for quite understandable reasons, they are not enough to repair every grave, and improve the rating to «+5». It is here that you will need new technology and craft necessary items.

To put in order the cemetery will need a workbench for the wood and the stone Carver to create a new repair kits. Both of these structures can be built on the workbench with the drawings to the left of the home Keeper. When you do, unlock technology «Saw and woodworking» from the category «Construction», as well as the ability to create wooden crosses and fences from branches «Theology».

Even though you can unlock the ability to create tombstones, make them before the time, until you open the Church, will not work. We therefore recommend that early in the game to focus on wood products. In the course of task execution, you need a lot of nails that can be bought at the blacksmith.

As soon as you can regularly create repair kits, wooden crosses and fences, you will be able to increase the rating of the cemetery.

Here are some additional tips on the subject:

— When you receive a job notice, the symbol of the day! Certain quests available in these areas only in limited periods of time.

— If you need extra money, you can do farming, which you need to obtain from the owner of the tavern certificate. Buy seeds from the farmer, located South of the wheat fields.

— Body loses 1 % freshness every 30 seconds. As soon as this value falls below 90 %, you will start to accumulate negative effects.

The rating increases graves gravestones and fences, but he cannot be above the quality of a corpse (white shards). For example, if you created tombstones and fences with a rating of «5» but the quality of the corpse is «4» in the standings will go to just four points. As for red shards, they are subtracted from the total amount.

Considering the same example, and assuming that the corpse was a red shard, the credit of the cemetery will go only three points (4-1).

A beginner's guide to Graveyard Keeper

The rating of the grave.

Also, the rating could be upgraded other ornaments, including lawns and flowerbeds that are not tied to graves. They rasplachivayutsya later.

Any body can dig (to exhume) to review the characteristics or burn and bury in its place a new, higher quality. This is done through a mailbox (requires a fee) after you will receive the rank of priest.

The Church is another way of earning

Inside the Church you will be able to conduct the sermon. At the end of them parishioners leave donations, which can be more essential compared to the sale of funeral certificates.

The size of the donations depends on the rating of the cemetery, which we raised in the previous Chapter, as well as from the quality of prayer. There are several different prayers, the base brings low profit. You can order more advanced prayers, but, if the rating of the Church will not satisfy the requirements of this prayer, in preaching will be used base. Thus, in addition to the cemetery you have to increase the rating of the Church, establishing more advanced and expensive decorative elements.

For example, the confessional increases the rating from 5 points.

Also some advanced prayer give you various positive statuses.

A beginner's guide to Graveyard Keeper

The beginning of a sermon.

How to get blue experience points

The most difficult to obtain experience points are considered to be scientific. Every technology in the game requires you to unlock a certain number of experience points – green, red and blue, or combinations of two/three of them.

Red and green points are obtained almost always, because you always strive for the extraction of resources, perform physical work, etc. But blue science points to get much more complicated. There are a few tricks that will allow you to increase their stock. Read about them below!

Blue experience, as stated above, is a set of knowledge about the spiritual, intangible world. This means that most of them can get in the study and the study of something. The problem is that before you open the Church, to take such actions impossible.

After the Bishop are going to love how you have renovated the cemetery, you will get the job on a regular sermons. So you will have access to a workbench in the Church, a Board with drawings and study table. This will allow to research and create items that will be useful to obtain a blue experience.

But in the beginning of the game need to get their first points of the blue experience! It is actually very simple: learn and burn clean paper on the training table in the basement of the Church. Before you will be able to produce clean paper, will have to build the benches in the Church.

How to create a Church-the workbench

To build a Church-the workbench, you will need to unlock the «Research and craft paper» in the tech tree «Skill of writing». The house will need to create the anvil, to be able to produce iron parts. For anvil’ll need four iron parts.

Wooden anvil will create simple metal parts. As soon as you collect the necessary components, including complex parts and nails, make a workbench.

In this experience

On the Church bench you can create from human skin paper, which is then converted into clean paper. Made from four-leaf to move on a training table in the Church, to examine and burn. So you will receive your first points of the blue experience!

After that you will be able to obtain scientific experience:

Astrologer – perform his first task, to get the two points.

Bishop – complete quest in which you need to provide the 20 character cups to receive five experience points.

A study table can be used for studying other subjects and getting experience. It can even be parts of dead bodies! Just keep in mind that while it is possible to study only one subject.

Here are some additional ways to earn blue experience:

Farm sand and clay to create glass, which can be studied at the training table.

The purchase of books and scientific articles the astrologer and their subsequent study.

Days of the week

In Graveyard Keeper week consists of six days, each of which is associated with one of the seven deadly sins (for equating greed was removed). Each day is associated with a key character:

Pride. On this day in the cemetery there by the Bishop. If you have the perk «the Preacher», then you will be able to give in the Church sermon, collecting donations from parishioners.

Sensuality. Mrs. Sharma can be found in the tavern «Dead horse».

Gluttony. In the village you receive a merchant.

Envy. In the basement you meet a snake, who will remain there after you complete his mission.

Anger. To witch mountain comes the Inquisitor.

Laziness. To the lighthouse comes the Astrologer.

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