[GDC 2018] ARK: Survival Evolved will be released on Nintendo Switch

Last week we learned that in the spring of 2018, owners of iOS and Android devices will be able to play a mobile version of the survival project ARK: Survival Evolved. But the creators of the famous dinosaur franchise decided not to dwell on this.

During the Game Developers Conference 2018 event, developers reported that in the fall of 2018, ARK: Survival Evolved would be released on the Nintendo Switch. According to the team, the version for the hybrid console is visually similar to the versions for PS4 and Xbox One. And the company will be engaged in porting Abstraction Games.

If for the first time you hear about ARK: Survival Evolved, then in this game you are thrown onto an island where you need to hunt, collect resources and craft various things. It is in this project that you and your friends will be able to tame huge dinosaurs and even ride them, create your own warlike tribe and explore the mysterious ARK, containing a huge amount of secrets.

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