Games like Travian

The Game «Travian»

«Travian» Online — browser-based strategy game, developed by the german firm «Travian Games GmbH» in 2005. The online game «Travian» attracted a large number of players from all countries. So what can explain this impressive success of the game?! First of all it is free-of-charge, fortuitousness (game which is played on a case-by-case basis, among other things), in order to build and fight you don’t need to be online constantly. If we add here high quality graphics and relative simplicity of the rules — all of this explain its popularity. It is sufficient to have only five or ten minutes during a day and you will gain a full-grown settlement with army, allies and enemies in future. And it’s all free-of-charge and very convenient. The idea of the game is quite simple — it is an economic strategy carried out in a semi-step-by-step mode. The game is not infinite. It is divided into rounds, each of the round can last for several months.

Games of «Travian» type

Have you ever seen a game of Travian type and know its capabilities, interface, specifics of the gameplay well? But perhaps, you are not so familiar with the numerous novelties, which appear constantly in the sphere of online strategies, «shooters» and arcades, don’t you? Anyway, you will be interested in getting acquainted with a superficial overview of all the programs which are open for many users today.

Today online games like «Travian» presented in fairly large quantities. Among them there are various genres, scripts, opportunities and prospects for gamer. They are based on the principle of the game via the network, i.e. there is no need to install any special software on your computer, becides the flash player, which is traditional for a long time, and even supplied in complement of some browsers. Proceeding from this, you can always get an opportunity to play in such entertainment absolutely everywhere, where there is a computer and connection to the Internet.

But it is worth noting that games similar to «Travian» — are just the counterparts of the legend, which were not able to get all the popularity among users, that has raised well-known strategy in the category of the leaders among such games. There are a lot of analogues, but, however, it is doubtful whether you will be able to choose one of them such complex, balanced and multi-faceted product, which will combine several advantages at once, which Travian is characterized. It is graphics, different tasks and interesting scenario, and the opportunity to come as close as possible to reality, as well as many other things.