Fundamentals of game tactics My Lands

Fundamentals of game tactics My Lands (Secrets My Lands)

Often different questions on various gaming moments appear: very often Masters, and even Suzerains, do not know even the basic moments of the game. The present article object is to help gamers to understand all tactics used in the game, get better the battle mechanisms and the logic of military creation and the way fighting and military operations performance. We should also remember that this game is a kind of a tactical strategy first of all, that’s why some things are not considered from all sides. This is made for letting the reader to make necessary conclusions from what is written in here.

1. Victims and persecutors.

The «Persecutor -> victim» system has considerable importance in most of fights. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of the military units’ formation.

Warriors -> Arrows -> Flying-warriors-> Raiders -> Warriors

As it can be seen, the general scheme is a type of vicious circle where each unit is a persecutor of one unit but in the same time is a victim for another unit. In the battle persecutors inflict damage to the victim twice.

Porters, healers, magicians and mercenaries are neither persecutors nor victims.

2. Mercenaries.

Mercenaries, perhaps, are the most unusual crew in the game: they cause lots of questions to beginners most of which are connected with the way of their usage.

Let’s take a look onto their options: Damage 7-9, health 1, cost — 105 gold coins, the time of production — 2-7 minutes.

Result: mercenaries are cheap, fast and cause lots of damage, but still they have poor health. In other words, this is the force of a single strike, which cause damage and immediately dies.

At first they are used mostly only for enemy mercenaries’ destroying. See: 100 of mercenaries can easily kill 700-900 of victims which is a kind of a good and effective way to take the stuffing out of the enemy’s army before the attack onto main forces.

Plus to this (with the increase in the number) you can also use mercenaries to strike against the main forces of your enemy up till its total and complete destruction but without taking any risk for your main military troops. Even the legendary Ruins of the 7th level are weaken up to the normal sizes with mercenaries help.

3. Waves.

Attack with waves’ usage is a few separate attacks which are going one after another. More often the first attack is performed with mercenaries usage (to weak the army and to kill enemy’s mercenaries), while the second attack goes with the main forces consumption. This tactic is used to reduce losses of the main forces by the cost of cheap mercenaries.

Also waves are sent to attack and destroy buildings in settlements and villages or constructions in foreign possessions, because during one fight you can damage or destroy only one type of buildings.

4. Ruins.

Sexual desire, erectile and ejaculatory functions are disrupted after a stroke. As reported, lack of sexual desire is the main reason for the lack of sexual intercourse.

In a short period of time after game started Ruins become the main of resources for the construction and army recruitment. That’s why it is important to start your exploration of surrounding areas as soon as it possible and search for Ruins as quick as you can. The army in the first four Ruins’ levels is constructed in such a way that for their destruction you should use the above mentioned system of persecutors and attack with waves’ usage in the same time.

It is important to take into account the peculiarities of terrain where Ruins are situated. For example, the Ruin of the 4th level is placed in the woods and it gets a big bonus to damage due to the shooters only while Riders strike only on half.

Let’s see the example of the Ruin of the 1st level:

There are porters, soldiers and horsemen. This means that troops of the Ruin are Persecutors of shooters and soldiers, but in the same time they are Victims of horsemen and flying-warriors. These are who we should take into the battle alongside with porters and healers which are taken to the all types and all levels of Ruins: the first ones are rendering resources and the second ones are filling losses after the fight.

From the very beginning of the game it is better to improve your healers and porters as soon as possible. After you done this, you can start to create and improve that type of forces you would take with you to Ruins.

To avoid unexpected losses it is always better to calculate the results of previous fights on the battle calculator Mylands every time you are planning to ‘take a new high’.

The approximate composition of troops for comfortable Pharma of young and middle Ruins of each existing level at the neutral terrain (no bonuses to anyone are given):

  • Ruins of the 1st level:


Take 500 of porters, 100 of horsemen, 100 of flying-warriors and 50 of healers. All of them are of the 1st level. If you will have some of them of the 2nd level – that’s even great.

  • Ruins of the 2nd level:


Take 1000 of porters, 200 of flying-warriors, 100 of shooters and 70 of healers. All of them are of the 2nd level. If you will have some of them of the 3rd level – that’s even great.

Mercenaries appear starting from the 3rd level of Ruins. It was mentioned above that they have one weak side – the very poor health. Therefore, for the shortage of the main army (and healers in particular), mercenaries are thrown into the battle with the first wave, and only after that the main troops are entering the fight. The figures below are for battles without the prior penetration of mercenaries.

  • Ruins of the 3rd level:


Take 1500 of porters, 900 of soldiers, 200 of shooters and 220 of healers. As it was mentioned before, the whole army should be of the 3rd level.

  • Ruins of the 4th level:


Take 2600 of porters, 1000 of soldiers, 1300 of horsemen and 600 of healers. We should mention that Ruins of the 4th level are the most difficult to destroy at the appropriate rank. To pass the average 4th level alone without taking any mercenaries into help and without any losses is possible only Elf due to his healers. But again, this happens not so much often. All other races take the rank of Suzerain right after the sufficient army creation.

The best decision is to go to the 4th leveled Ruins with your allied member. In this case it would be ok for each of you to take 1500 of porters, 1,100 horsemen and 400 healers.

  • Ruins of the 5th level:


Ruins are made in such a way that during battles there would be no persecutors and no victims. But there are lots of mercenaries there. So you would need your whole army which will go into the attack after the wave of mercenaries pass. The number of required mercenaries for this hiring is from 0 up to 5-6 thousand, depending on the number of hiring in the Ruin and from the strength of gamer Forces.

  • Ruins of the 6th level:


Ruins contain all types of troops in the number equal to the military of an average suzerain. To destroy such a Ruin you will again need the whole your army (although there can be some variants, depending on the number of these or than creatures in Ruins) and in a huge amount. There is no sense of mercenaries’ usage in here because of large number of healers.

  • Ruins of the 7th level:

Contain a great amount of Black Pearls and the same huge number of different monsters. First of all it should be weakened by a large number of mercenaries and only then it can be totally destroyed by main forces.

You can tell us about your achievements and progresses in the section Stories about great feat – the destruction of Super ruins!

5. One-second attacks.

When you attack another gamer or in cases when there is a risk of someone else from the outside to interpose between waves, it will be the best decision to make so-called one-second attack which will quickly reach the aim you need to. This will not allow anyone to break down all your plans by some kind of successfully help sending or attack making.

To send such an attack first of all it is necessary to send troops from the most distant city (or at a slow speed — the main thing is to make their trip as long as possible). Then the next wave is preparing and it will be sent only when the time of troops arrival will coincides with the time of the first wave coming.


It is important to take into account the delay of the signal sent to the server, which is usually takes about two seconds. In order to save your gold (there is a risk that you will not get into the second from the first attempt and the military sending can be kinda expensive) it is better to hit the aim by porter or mercenary usage, and, if everything will be successful, only then to add to it the rest of your army.

6. Catch on the returning back.

Catch on the returning back – get some time to rest!

After arrival to possessions troops are having 60 seconds of rest: during this time you may not do any actions with them like sending your army to the new campaign or hiding them into the Asylum. But if there is a need to go into the battle your troops will easily do that like they always do. At such moment victim you are going to attack can’t avoid a fight and therefore he is much more vulnerable for attacks performance.

7. Towers.

Conventional Tower causes fixed damage based on its level at the beginning of each round during the fight. If there are no troops in the garrison, the damage will be caused only once in the first round.

  • Magic Tower increases the damage done by troops in the garrison by a certain percentage, depending on its level. Without troops the Magic Tower is absolutely useless.
  • Wizards reduce damage caused by attacking troops which are protected by Conventional and Magic Towers in the battle (during the attack of possessions which have such towers).

Also, the enemy’s wizards can reduce the attack of your Conventional Tower up to its total de-energization depending on the amount of them.

Let’s try to figure out when and which types can be useful.

  • Conventional Tower is needed in cases when you are not planning to take the battle with your troops’ usage. It successfully kills mercenaries, sent into the attack, besides in considerable amount even taking into account its fairly low damage – remember that they have very poor health. Also, the Conventional Tower saves from one-second attacks: each wave will be strike back. Exactly in the protection from such attacks is hidden the main role of the Conventional Tower at the last levels of the game.
  • Magic Tower with a strong garrison can add a tremendous amount of damage. You may need it if some strong enough enemy is trying or planning to attack you. Mercenaries left in the garrison under the Magic Tower support can completely destroy the enemy’s army with much lower losses than without it. The only minus of the Magic Tower is that it protects not so much well from attacks with waves’ usage. After the garrison stripping the enemy can absolute impunity plunder or break your possession.

It is impossible and you may not build more than two Towers in one and the same possession. That’s why the variant «Conventional Tower + Magic Tower» is the most widely used at present time.

8. Capture and diggings protection.

To capture foreign possession require the prior destroy of all its protective structures: strengthening, conventional tower, magic tower. During one such attack you can damage or destroy only one type of buildings; furthermore, buildings above the 1st level can be not broken and only damaged. Thus, to capture the digging, which has all three types of defensive buildings, you will need minimum four successful attacks: the destruction of fortifications, the demolition of tower, destroying the magic tower and capture. Taking a limit of attacks onto a possession into account (not more than two attacks per day), to capture such a digging you may need an organized attack of two or more people.

How should the gamer protect his digging?

  1. To build protective structures of three types as soon as possible. If your digging means a lot and is very valuable (f.e. you have the digging of the 5th level) and you want it to be developed during long period of time (60+days) you should improve and better it up to the 2-3rd levels for making the capture even more difficult stuff to do.
  2. Do not leave your digging open. Six hours during which the digging is closing will be enough for export and bringing up resources. If there are lots of aggressive neighbors around to cope with which will be difficult to do for you — the best way is to give them a chance to attack you as less as only it is possible. In the case of having a golden digging you can try to make it open not so often: build some houses inside, improve mines you have there, put 3-4 of mercenaries’ barracks. You can put mercenaries right there onto the produced gold for not bothering yourself with opening the digging, discover the mine and shipment of gold into the city.
  3. If someone very strong is interested in your digging, you can ask Gods in Temple to protect your digging while it is open for some period of time.
  4. If your digging is already attacked, you don’t need to repel all of them. In order to failure the capture it will be enough to repel the most vulnerable of attacks for keeping at least one protective building safe and sound.

For example:

  • First wave – strong military and buildings destruction
  • Second wave – hiring and buildings destruction
  • Thirds wave — hiring and buildings destruction
  • Forth wave – forces and troops and possessions capture.

It will be enough to repel the 2nd or the 3rd wave for making the capture failure.

9. Precautions during the attack onto the city.

The attack onto another city is an important part of the game.

The one who protects his city has an enormous advantage over the one who attacks:

  • The presence of towers, forces and fortifications;
  • Increased protection of the army;
  • The opportunity to escape from a battle by hiding the forces;
  • The opportunity to get two helps from other gamers;
  • The opportunity and possibility to take quest forces in the last moment if the attacked city is the Capital;
  • The opportunity to recover some losses with Resurrector help

The attacker is deprived of all these moments and opportunities. That’s why proper and careful planning of attacks is the main his advantage. The failure threatens the complete loss of the army. The present article covers only basic moments. That’s why we will not go deep into woods of tactical nuances of attacks organization and planning.

It is much better to attack your enemy when he doesn’t expect this and can’t do anything at all. In other words, stay in a 

  • 1. You need to have at least approximate idea of when your enemy is online, and when he is off.
  • 2. Make some kind of pre-scan for testing missions. If merchants are running here and there, the military is moving – these mean that the gamer is online at the Researchers who have premium account are moving automatically. So there is no need to pay any attention onto 
  • 3. If you are spying in cities pay your attention onto:
  1. Time when you have started the study and checking up of the territory you collect the information about. Almost not relevant with the fact of queue presence.
  2. Time when you ordered an Army and special units. Not relevant if the automatic order was made or if there is some lack of population.
  3. Time when construction began. Almost not relevant if there is any queue of construction.
  4. The presence of deputy. He can destroy and spoil all your plans if he finds out about your attack.
  • 4. Remember that your attack can involve retaliatory attack. Often such retaliatory attack can come from a side of not only your enemy but also from a side of his friends or Clan. Are you ready to face with this?

Hope the present article will give you useful information and help you to understand the world of games better.

* Notes were written for conditions at the mining servers. Forces parameters and composition are regular, usual and have no racial bonuses.

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