Frame rate — below, download — longer: «youtuber» told how Denuvo affects the game

Denuvo is a fairly unpopular among players protection system. Reasons for not loving her is like that of the pirates that fail to download the expected new release day, and have honest buyers — there is a perception that Denuvo affects performance in games. «Youtuber» Overlord Gaming have tested and confirmed this opinion numbers.

Enthusiast tested the game, of which removed the protection system, and compared their results with those secure versions. The conclusion is this — Denuvo really increases the boot time and degrade the performance of your entertainment. In different games, the system effect is manifested to a greater or lesser extent.

Here are some examples of testing (first number is the measure with the Denuvo):

Dishonored 2. Minimum fps — 46 in both versions, medium — 56 to 60.
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Minimum fps — 39 vs 40, medium — 56 to 59. Download main menu — 177 seconds against 135.

Download mission — 73 seconds vs 40.
Lords of the Fallen. Minimum fps — 44 vs 51, the average is 53 vs 70 (!). First loading the main menu 58 seconds against 42, further — 38 vs 37.

Download mission 41 seconds in both versions.
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Minimum fps is 57, 83, average — 149 vs 164. First loading the main menu 47 to 43 seconds, subsequent — 23 vs 16. First download mission — 11 to 6 seconds, subsequent — 6 vs 5.

Verify that the versions without the protection of the Overlord Gaming used only licensed edition of the games, of which Denuvo was officially removed. Exception — Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: it until there is a version without DRM, but there are «pirates» to turn off the security system and not bypassing it.

The author of the video had the game on the following hardware:

• CPU Core i7-2600K with default frequencies
• the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti,
• 12 GB of RAM,
• hard drive speed of 7200 rpm.