Firststepsin ANNO1777, how to play ANNO1777 ?

Introduction: Firststepsin ANNO1777, how to play ANNO1777 ?

This is your first day in ANNO1777and you have no idea how to earn money in this game. Your balance is 0, and for the present you don’t plan to invest money in the game, and someone does not plan to invest at all and came here to earn money. Well, it is better for us to get to work. We can attack other players as soon as we have created an account and logged into the game. We can do this in the insert «Fight «, select a player and click on the «Attack». If an attack is successful (they are successful usually), you have the first slave, or you can cash the bonus in the local currency. Each government pay a bonus for every battle you win. Your new won slaves have immunity from attacks within 20 minutes, during this time you better sell the slaves on the slave market, because it is possible that you will lose it in 20 minutes, and if it is not in 20 minutes, you will probably lose it sooner or later. For example, if in your country the attack bonus is 2 USD, you can get this bonus in accordance with your «Wellness» indicator, if your «Wellness» 100%, youwillgain $2, ifitis 10% youwillgain $0,2, ifitis 50% youwillgain $1.

Now you can see why it’s so important to keep your «Wellness» as close as possible to 100%, it will be very difficult, but you can save 70% «Wellness» with a full set of clothes, q5, which means the quality of level 5, and rent a house, which can add another 5 points «Wellness» in the course of a day.

So as you have just started to play with you have «Wellness», perhaps 10%, so the only thing that we can do on the first day of our stay — attack other players and sell slaves on the market. For this reason first of all we go to the «SlaveMarket» and check the slave prices. As a rule, they are sold around 0.2 gold to 0.9 depending on their value, fixed by your government.

Let’s do some math right now. Let’s suppose that we can attack only once every 20 minutes, this means, 3 attacks in an hour or 30 attacks for 10 hours. Let us suppose that we can get from the government budget 0.2 USD, one attack x30 = 6 US dollars, if we will sell all the slaves that we won we would get 0.6 gold (30 slaves x 0,2 = 0,6 gold) in total this means $13, so a total of 20 U.S. dollars for 10 hours of work in a game ANNO1777 – it’s not much, but this is only the beginning, and don’t forget that this is only your first day, tomorrow you will be able to buy some of the products that will increase your «Wellness».

How to work in a strategy game ANNO1777? It is easy… go to the tab Vacancies «Jobs Market», select the first available job and press to «start the work», it will be able to get us busy for the next 8 hours and will also increase our wallet. For example, the wage is associated with our «Wellness», the more «Wellness » we have, the more money we get, at 100% of the «Wellness» we’ll get 20, maybe, 24 U.S. dollars, depending on the kind of salary paid. And if we have «Wellness» 10% then we get 2 the U.S. dollars.

And that’s all you need to know in the first day, I hope that this lesson was clear to everyone. Good luck in the ANNO1777!