Far Cry 5: The Passage. Epilogue


Next you need to go back to the place where it all began – the Church Father. Get to the specified marker and watch the cut-scene. After a long monologue will need to make a choice – to leave Father alone and leave this place with friends or to try again to arrest him.

In the first case, immediately start the cut-scene, and the second will have to fight with my Father.

During the fight you attack the allies, whose mind is seized Joseph Led. Shoot teammates to injure them, and then raise themselves on their feet. So one by one they will come around.

Moreover, the companions, the mind which you restored, in the case of injuries will help the main character.

Walkthrough Far Cry 5 – Epilogue

The long-awaited meeting with his Father.

There will be several stages. Until you bring in the feelings of all his teammates on the stage to kill Joseph Sid is useless – he will be reborn every time. Once the first four satellites will be recovered, then attack Father to move to the next stage. A second group of drugged satellites. Do the same thing with them, and then – the third Quartet.

In the end, the Father will be wounded.

After another cut-scene on the car ride to the side of the bunker, which indicates the marker, and then watch the final video.

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