Far Cry 5: Passage. Jacob (Whitetail Mountains)

Jacob (Whitetail Mountains)


The Baron sawmill will be marked on the map immediately upon completion of the prologue of the game. This place is located in the southeastern part of the Whitetail Mountains, near the Henbane River. Unfortunately, the sawmill is the outpost of the sectarians, so you have to kill them all.

We recommend using a hidden approach — bow, crossbow, sniper rifle with a silencer, Peach or kill from behind.

Watch out for snipers on the roof and near the small window of the main building. Grab a sawmill and find Jess Black. Perform the following story task to get a girl as a specialist.

Reward: 400 points of resistance.


Free a group of hostages

You can meet with Jess after her rescue during the stripping of the Baron sawmill. Find her inside the building and talk about everything. Follow the girl to the mountains. Your next goal is a quarry with three prisoners.

Eliminate opponents, acting silently, if you want to free all hostages. You can roll down the cable. After you release the group of hostages in the next camp, you can get to the third one.

Free hostages only when all sectarians are killed.

Passage of Far Cry 5 - Jacob (Whitetail Mountains)

Jess Black

Kill the cook

The last part of the mission develops in the camp of Cook. The enemy will use a flamethrower and, in fact, he is no different from ordinary flamethrowers. Kill him as you see fit. Shoot from a distance, use a rocket launcher, bombard this place or place explosives.

When Cook is dead, then talk to Jess and continue passing Far Cry 5 on StopGame.Ru.

Reward: new specialist Jess Black; 900 points of resistance.


Release the Fang Center

Head to the Fang Center. This place will be marked on your map from the very beginning. This center is the outpost of the sectarians, so first you need to clean it up. Try to act covertly.

Climb to the main entrance, kill the enemy on the rocks (with a machine-gun point) and get into the camp. Deal with the armored enemy. From here, by the way, you can see both yellow cabinets on the alarm towers.

You can shoot them to eliminate the challenge of reinforcements, and then run far away to the enemies to calm down.

After capturing the outpost, go to Wyed and chat with the guy about the missing bear.

Catch Fish for Cheeseburger

You cannot immediately go to Cheeseburger. The first thing to do is to catch a fish for him, which is necessary for taming the beast. Go to the fishing spot marked by a marker and located to the north of the center «Fang».

There, you must pick up any fishing rod lying on the pier, or use your own, if you already have it in your inventory.

Catch the salmon. Throw a fishing line and pull it up slowly. As soon as the fish bite, start fishing for it by moving the fishing line in the opposite direction, but periodically relieving the load so that the fishing line does not crack.

Find a Cheeseburger

Next, you will need to go to the specified camp, kill the sectarians and tame the bear. After that, other sectarians will appear — this time the bear will help you to destroy them.

Reward: new specialist bear cheeseburger; 600 points of resistance.


Move to the fort Drabmenov. You can see the location of this building on the map immediately after the prologue. It is located in the territory of Jacob, in the eastern part, near the mountains. Talk to Herk Drabman senior about the missing jeep.

After that, talk to his son and get into the car, which he will drive himself.

Wait until you reach the specified location, follow the guy and clear the tower. Note that there is a sniper at the top. You can ask one of your specialists (for example, Grace) to kill this enemy, who is viewing the entire territory from below. Or you can independently get on the tower.

Direct attack on the camp is not recommended, since there are very few shelters along the path leading to the sniper upstairs.

Clear the tower and wait until the Herk rises to the top. Roll down the cable and find yourself near the hut where the stolen jeep is located. You will need to ride again in the role of a passenger, but this time change seats for a machine gun and shoot back from any opponents until you return to the house of Herk the Elder.

Reward: new specialist Herk Drabman Jr. 600 points of resistance.



This quest will begin in the same way as the rest of the Sid family attacks in other locations. As soon as the resistance level rises to a certain level, the hunters of Jacob will attack you, and the main character will be put to sleep. You wake up in the shelter of Jacob Sid.

Note. You can not use your own weapons or specialists until the end of the quest.

Complete Jacob’s test

During the plot task you will need to eliminate the enemies before the timer stops. Go through numerous rooms, choosing any weapon and shooting at opponents. Please note that you can even die, so act carefully.

For the usual kill the timer is increased by four seconds, for a shot in the head — by six.


Region: Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Territory).

Location: east of the Baron sawmill.

Quest giver: Dr. Sarah Perkins.

Requirements: eliminate sectarians at the Baron sawmill.

Reward: 600 points of resistance and $ 400.


— Get to the camp.

— Strip the area.

“Wait until Dr. Perkins arrives.”

— Open the corral.

— Lure the wolf Judge into the pen.

— (Optional) Put the trainer’s body in the trough.

To the east of the Baron sawmill, Dr. Perkins founded her camp, studying normal wolves, until she came across their mutated versions divorced by the cult. To study their behavior, she asks you to catch one Judge alive and sends you to the camp, where they are trained.

There are nine sectarians in the camp. You must treat his stripping as with any outpost. Try to kill covertly all the guards, located away from his teammates.

When they find you, then kill the rest is not difficult. Use your favorite weapons and professionals distract the attention of opponents. As soon as the area is cleaned up, Dr. Perkins herself will arrive at the camp and will give instructions on how to catch one of the Judges.

Passage of Far Cry 5 - Jacob (Whitetail Mountains)

Captive Judge.

Need to interact with the lever to open the door of one of the pens. Then go to the wolf and get him to attack the main character. Run inside the corral.

When the beast is inside, then quickly run out and close it using the same lever.

But Dr. Perkins offers a safer option — to put the corpse of one of the trainers in the pen and ring the bell. This will attract the attention of the new wolf. Once it is in the pen, then close it.

Talk to Perkins to complete the quest and continue to pass the game Far Cry 5 on StopGame.Ru.


The next task, which will allow you to meet with Jacob. There will be a meeting to reach a certain threshold of resistance on the territory of Whitetail Mountain. Complete the shooting range, shooting at targets and choosing new weapons.


Region: Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Territory).

Location: to the northwest of the wolf lair.

Quest giver: Tammy Barnes.

Requirements: Complete the quest «We must be strong.»

Reward: 900 points of resistance.


— Get to the southern air tower.

— Destroy the silencer on the first tower.

— Get to the north air tower.

— Destroy the silencer on the second tower.

— Get to the road and ambush a truck with a silencer.

— Destroy the truck with a silencer.

Tammy wants you to help Whitie with setting up the broadcast, destroying all signal silencers in the region. The first two of them will be located on top of high radio antennas. You can destroy them by climbing the antennas yourself, using the «cat», or shooting from a helicopter or airplane.

Both methods work «with a bang»!

The third silencer is mounted on a moving truck. As soon as the first two mufflers are destroyed, Tammy will provide information on the whereabouts of the latter. If you are on a helicopter, then quietly fly to the specified place.

A truck will be an easy target for you!

If there is no helicopter, then destroy it with any explosives or rocket launcher. When the last target is destroyed, the quest will end. Tammy will offer to return to the wolf lair and get a new task.


Region: Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Territory).

Location: wolf lair.

Quest giver: Tammy Barnes.

Requirements: complete the quiescent radio silence.

Reward: 900 points of resistance and $ 400.


— Get to the chalet on the stone beach.

— Kill the elect (2).

— Install explosives on the second floor.

— Set the explosives in the basement.

— Leave the chalet (15 seconds).

If you’ve visited a wolf’s den several times, you may have noticed that Tammy is holding the prisoner-cultist prisoner and wants information from him. If you talk to a woman, she will tell you that there is a hut next to the chosen one that must be destroyed.

As soon as you find yourself in the right place and examine it through binoculars or with the help of Boomer, then try to kill as many opponents as you can walk outside. One enemy will be outside, the other — inside the hut. At some point, an exchange of fire will begin, so use the best weapons and suitable specialists.

When both of the elect will be killed, you will need to place two explosives — one in the basement and the other on the top floor. When you lay the last one, you will be given 15 seconds to leave this place and enjoy the blast. Tammy will congratulate GG on the radio and offer a new job in the wolf lair.


Region: Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Territory).

Location: to the west of the wolf lair.

Quest giver: Eli.

Requirements: Complete the quest «We must be strong.»

Reward: 600 points of resistance.


— Get to the tourist center for visitors.

— To be fixed in the center of visitors.

— Rescue the hostages (4).

— Get to the tunnel.

— Clear the tunnel.

— Rescue the hostages (2).

Eli will tell you that some resistance fighters are held captive by cultists in the visitors center, not far from you. Resistance can not afford to lose the next fighters, so now everything depends on the main character. Go to the visitors center and mark the enemies through binoculars or with the help of Boomer.

Fortunately, the opponents are scattered from each other in the location, so they can be killed silently, without attracting attention. Even a sniper rifle will do for this. Free the hostages as soon as you see them.

This will avoid unnecessary losses later, if they find you.

When you kill all the guards and save the hostages, they will contact you on the radio and tell you that other prisoners have been spotted to the southwest. Find a quad bike nearby and go to the tunnel. Climb to the right of the tunnel up the hill, follow the narrow path and find a place where prisoners are held.

Release them and then kill all sectarians to complete the quest.


The task can be taken from old Drabman after completing the quest “The Prodigal Son”. Talk to the man sitting near his house, and then go on a marker where you need to kill several cultists. Make it silently difficult, because they are watching each other, but should begin at the top, next to the burnt building.

After that, new cultists, including a helicopter, will arrive here. You should not use a machine gun on the remaining cars, as you will become an ideal target for opponents. It is best to hide behind the remnants of a burnt house.

Ideally, you should choose Herk Drabman Jr., who has a rocket launcher, as a partner. Order him to destroy the helicopter. As a last resort, call Adelaide Drabman and point her at the enemy turntable.

As soon as you destroy all enemies, the quest will be completed.


To take the quest, chat with Eli Palmer in the wolf lair after doing another task for the NPC — “Missing”.

Passage of Far Cry 5 - Jacob (Whitetail Mountains)

Eli Palmer.

Follow the marker on the map, kill the enemies inside and outside the hotel. Down on the table in the center you can find. It is needed, rather, for a silent sweep of the location, because when you open the side doors you will not find any unique items.

Yes, and you can get into the next corridor through another door from the street.

You need to find a prisoner, locked in room 306 on the top floor. The door to his room is open, so the key doesn’t seem to be needed. When you get there, click on the radio to switch the audio recording. After that, the sectarians will arrive to you — you will need to get rid of reinforcements.

It is advisable to stay inside the hotel and wait for the enemies themselves to run at you.

Soon the enemy turntable will arrive here. Inside the house you can find a rocket launcher. Also on the balcony of the second floor from the lake there is a machine gun, with which it is enough to simply destroy the aircraft.

During the last wave, opponents will attack the hotel from the front. Kill the snipers located at a distance from the hotel, but do not move away from it yourself. If there is no sniper rifle, then select a sniper as a specialist (I think Jess Blake, but I may be mistaken), and order him to kill the enemies (via the G key). After that, even more specific opponents will appear, including armored soldiers, flamethrowers and rocket engineers. Be careful here, use partners.

When the hotel is cleaned, you will call Eli and inform about the completion of the quest.


Once in the wolf lair at the end of the quest «The world is weak», find a character named Whiti who will ask you for help. This will allow you to continue with the passage of the game Far Cry 5 on StopGame.Ru

Move on the marker to the specified place where the radio tower is located. Upstairs on the table is a map. Take her to find out about the location of the caches.

Be careful, this is a plot of locations, not connected with the caches of the survivalists.

In each bunker there are small yellow cases that you have to pick up. Near the tower there is a helicopter where you can move from one bunker to another. So do it.

Fly to Cooper’s house, kill the sectarians, and you can act silently, and then find the cache, located on the side of the house in a room inside the rock (not the mountain behind the house, but on the side of it).

Move to a new place, deal with the sectarians who arrived at the location of the cache, and then find the hatch located in the ground. Go down, pick up the item, but after you learn about the existence of the third bunker.

Fly to the specified place, which will appear only after the two previous ones are studied in any order. It turns out that the sectarians managed to break the bunker and pick up the necessary items, so you have to catch up with the enemy. Use the quad bike and ride behind the enemy.

This opponent is a VIP sectarian. This means that to destroy it you will need to make a considerable amount of accurate shots, even if you aim at the head. After killing the enemy, take the items and return to Whiti’s lair den to complete the quest.


Region: Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Territory).

Location: outside the wolf lair.

Quest giver: automatically.

Requirements: Score 10,000 resistance points in Jacob’s territory.

Reward: $ 3000 and achivka (bronze) «Kick the Hornet’s Nest» (if no other region was captured).


— Kill the last target before the time expires.

— Destroy the lighthouses (6).

— Kill Jacob Sid.

After the resistance scale is filled to 10,000 points, the warriors of Jacob again attack the main character, disabling him and dragging him into Sid’s lair. After the cut-scene, go through the familiar scene with the destruction of all enemies and the use of any weapons.

When you reach the final goal, time will pause and you will understand that Jacob has set you on the wolf’s den and that in front of you is not the enemy, but Eli.

The action will move out, where you have to destroy six lighthouses during the background playback of the famous song Only You. Kill wolves and sectarians who die with one shot. When you turn off all the beacons, then it will be time to deal with Jacob himself.

He is waiting for you at the top of the mountain, the path to which is guarded by dozens of cultists and judges.

As you approach the enemy, kill the enemies. You can not climb to the very top, and kill the enemy from afar, using a sniper rifle. As soon as Jacob mortally wounds, the final cut-scene of the episode will start.


Region: Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Territory).

Location: outside the wolf lair.

Quest giver: automatically.

Requirements: complete the quest “Only you”.

Reward: achivka (bronze) «Rescue Assistant Pratt.»


— Get to Jacob’s bunker.

— Use the key to enter Jacob’s bunker.

— Get into the control room.

— Unlock the door.

— Rescue assistant Pratt.

— Run away from Jacob’s armory.

When Jacob is dead, it will be time to save one of the captured friends, Assistant Pratt. He is kept in a bunker in the northern part of the region. Although Jacob is gone, his den is still a well-guarded object.

If you approach it on the left, you can use the stationary machine gun. Inside move slower, slowly, because the enemies are far from each other and can be killed covertly.

Will notice you or not, go to Pratt and open the gate, freeing a friend. You will need to leave this place with Pratt. Moreover, he will revive you if sectarians wound the main character.

Just follow along the only route without focusing on all enemies without exception, and you will be outside.

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