Eternal Crusade — You will not be able to fire weapons noise Marines

Ended the stream with the developers MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. The team showed changes in the model Orc commando, the award for campaign of Chaos (pauldron) and the possessed space Marines Chaos. And also managed to learn the following:

— while possessed no special skills, but he runs faster than other classes (and it increased endurance). And maybe that’s a melee in the future will be to give the allies some kind of buff;
— you will not be able to change the look of an elite character. And possessed no F2P equivalent;
— some spells aspiring sorcerer s will be strengthened;
— while the team is not working on improving the Guild system, but don’t worry about this, the developers have not forgotten about it;
— Autarch will not be an elite hero of the Eldar;
— the game will be new items, made in the style of a God of Chaos;
— do not expect added to Eternal Crusade weapons of the noise Marines.

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