Eternal Crusade will get some semblance of free access

Ended another stream with the developers MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. During the broadcast the team played together with the members of the DLB clan, who throughout the live broadcast talk like orcs.

Also, the employees of the company, Behaviour Interactive announced that in future the classes will have a pretty big balance changes, so often look to the test server. But the most interesting information was announced by senior producer Nathan Richardsson.

According to him, Eternal Crusade will have some form of free access. We are not talking about Free-to-Waaagh, which the developers have abandoned a long time ago. Most likely, a trial account will be less classes to choose from and not only (and may be upgraded to regular accounts).

In addition, people who bought the game will get some bonuses. More information about free Eternal Crusade will be announced in February. And the team is already confident that online the game will increase significantly, so start slowly to prepare for the destruction of new enemies.

By the way, if you want to explore the list of changes in the recent patch 1.2.24, then look at the news comments.

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