Eternal Crusade — Upcoming stream will be devoted to the campaign system

Players have accumulated a lot of questions regarding the campaign system. Therefore, the MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade developers decided to answer some of them. And managed to find out the following:

— During campaigns, you earn a special currency — Rogue Trader Credits.
— Fractional RTCs are RTCs that a character from a particular faction can spend.
— To win a campaign, you need to win a certain number of matches over a period of time.
— After you win the required number of matches, you will be given an RTC award.
— To find out how much you need to win matches in a campaign, just look at the interface. You are not even required to enter the game every day. The main thing is to overcome a special threshold until the timer expires.

In addition, January 27 at 22:00 Moscow time will begin next stream with the developers of the Eternal Crusade. This time the team will talk about the balance changes and clearly demonstrate the campaign system.

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