Eternal Crusade – The team will continue to improve the melee system and not only

The stream ended with the MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. This time the team shared with the audience plans for the near future (we are talking about two months or a little more). And managed to find out the following:

- Expect a reduction in lags, as well as improvements in the melee system, existing game modes, client optimization, campaign, mods, customization.
- The world map will acquire visual edits, and the Assets for the Flaming Guys, which we heard about three years ago, are ready.
- Sooner or later we will get four heroes (or elite characters). They work on the principle of veterans (but veterans expect important changes).
- Moving to Unreal Engine 4.15 may take place over the next 2 months.
- In the next 2 months, you will definitely not get terminators, technology-related content (special cards, a separate class designed for it, etc.) and new psyker abilities.
- The founders will see their gift keys only when Steam completes the necessary procedures (in other words, it does not depend on the developers anymore).
- In the future, the team will introduce Squig armor. And we should expect more subfractions for the Chaos.

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