Eternal Crusade – The team showed a new Nurglite grenade

The next live broadcast with the MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade has ended. And this time the command:

- Showed visual changes in the interface and background of the character, as well as a new Nurglite grenade that explodes when touched by the surface of something or the enemy (imposes poison).
- Share the following information:
  • In the near future we will learn about the system of free access to the game. And people with a similar “trial” account will definitely have access to more than one faction (and class).
  • Thanks to the free online access to the game, according to the developers of Eternal Crusade, should increase.
  • Employees of the company with might and main to work on eliminating problems with lags and optimizing the game client.
  • The team will return to the improvement of the melee system after important balance edits are made (they are already on the way).
  • More regional servers will open, and in the future there will be new modes, new equipment and new modifications.

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