Eternal Crusade Team showed the options of customization of equipment

Ended another stream with the developers MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. And this time was able to learn that:

— for skachivaem free version of the game in the first place is Russia, the second – America is on the third Kingdom, the fourth – Germany, the fifth – France;
— after the appearance of the F2P version, a large number of new players and back the people who played Eternal Crusade in the past;
— two months later, the number of active players has decreased;
— right now you can purchase Imperium-edition of the game with a 50% discount. Inside will be able to detect 25,000 RTC, Champion pack, the Zealot pack, Waaagh Pak and Pak Mael Dannan (customization of armor and weapons for your character);

In addition, there have been some options for customizing equipment. This system will appear in the game after a few months, as employees of the company Behaviour Interactive need to recreate the old equipment in it.

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