Eternal Crusade Team showed the Cursed Legionnaire

Came to an end 111 of the stream with the developers MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. And this time the team showed the audience the elite class — the Cursed Legionnaires (the Legion of the Damned).

So today, thanks to record the live broadcast you will have the opportunity to explore his awesome and “fiery” appearance. But, unfortunately, the Foreigner has no special skills, but this character a higher survival rate than ordinary space Marines.

Also game designer Noah Ward has revealed the wall with the weapons and characters of all factions, and they had seen the weapons (and not only) that has not yet been added to the game.

“Every piece of the members of the Legion are unique. Because after dropping out of warp every fighter changed it by painting black and adding some new and unusual decorative elements. For example, skulls, bones, etc.

And sometimes there are torches and the flashes of fire, symbolizing the fire of purgatory, which affects all of the Damned.”

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