Eternal Crusade — Team showed orc commandos

This week’s stream with MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000 developers: Eternal Crusade was pretty short. But the team finally demonstrated some new content that will appear in the game in the future.

This course is about Ork Skarboy Kommando (orc commando). This elite character, like some representatives of Eldar, is able to use stealth-invisibility mechanics.

And, unfortunately, during the live broadcast, Behavior Interactive employees did not show it in the game environment, but they managed to see the concept art and the in-game model of this orc (with some missing textures and not only).

Elite heroes of other factions we will see on the next stream, so please be patient.

“The commando is the pinnacle of orc deceit. He is happy only when unnoticed sneaks up to the enemy. At the appropriate time, this fighter explodes out of his disguise with a whirlwind of deadly shots, as well as cutting and stabbing attacks, without giving the dumbfounded opponent a chance to respond. ”

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