Eternal Crusade Team is going to show you the possessed space Marines Chaos

MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade got patch 1.3.44. World map got visual improvements. Added elite hero – Orc commando.

There are three new charnitski helmet. With Ace Dakka removed the suppression effect.

On the map Medusa removed hovering in the air column. At the veteran Slugga boys in the tree progress, you can now open the device that allows you to activate stealth mode. Fixed various bugs.

In addition, today, April 28, kicks off the campaign the Chaos space Marines and 21:00 GMT will start a new stream with the developers. The team will again show you are a commando and will demonstrate some of the material on possessed Chaos space Marines.

Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that in the near future you will be able to chase those crazy space Marines, who provided their bodies as vessels for the demons.

Full list of changes patch for Eternal Crusade is in the comments to this news.

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