Eternal Crusade — Meet the Orc commando and changed the world map

Came to the end of another stream with the developers MMOTPS Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. And this time the team has demonstrated the gameplay for the Ork Skarboy Kommando (Orc commando). At the moment it is missing some elements of the animation, and the teeth with the glasses flying next to the character, but you’ll have to study his model and mechanics of invisibility.

The team also showed a map of the world changed. It has become more attractive, and you can zoom in/zoom out. In addition, employees of the company Behaviour Interactive discussed the problem with a delivered version of the game. I have found out the following:

— If you have purchased Eternal Crusade over the last three years, it is better not to use the transmitted version (which was issued recently) on your account.
— That is, if your account already have any of the sets, then the transmitted version may overwrite your previous version. Simply put, it is likely that you will lose all your bonuses (although some are lucky and they have lost nothing and gained 20,000 RTC, but better not to take chances).
— If you actually activated the transmitted version and lost all your powerups, then go to a special page and answer the following questions: which version of the game you had if you did something with the copy of the game (removed, etc.), did you try to click “Free-to-Play” after having bought the initial copy of the game, whether to buy in sets after purchasing the game, whether you now have in the library several copies of the game.

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