Eternal Crusade — Eldar Campaign, New Map and Tests in New Update

Eternal Crusade, a session shooter in the Warhammer 40,000 setting, has been updated with the number 1.6.0. His key innovation was the story campaign of the Eldar. Its passage will present the players of the hero of this race — Autarch. True, players will have to wait until Friday, November 10th.

On this day, the campaign will be launched.

The update will also appear Challenges. At its core, these are regular daily tasks. After they are completed, new ones will appear after a certain time. There will be an opportunity to change them. As a reward for passing the tests, players will receive Requisition Points.

Another interesting part of this patch is the new map 15 for 15 Promethium Mine. To win it will need to grab points, and for this you need to take strategic positions around them. And in order to make it easier for beginners to get used to the cards with this mode, the training was changed.

The update reworked the Steamworks section to expand the capabilities of studio partners who sell various sets of in-game items. Players believe that this is clearly not the element of the game, which is worth experiencing its creators. Yesterday, Eternal Crusade’s peak online was 456 people.

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